2003 chevy silverado ignition switch problems

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Try jiggling the steering wheel back and forth until you feel it "click" into a locked position. The problem is the key. If this is an original equipment component, you almost certainly found the root cause of the problem.

2003 chevy silverado ignition switch problems

To date the dealer has only duplicated the failure condition "NO START" on one occasion and they immediately pulled it into the garage. Therefore, drivers complaining about the ignition getting stuck and not returning to the run position are looking at a failed switch. You should now be able to remove the key from the switch. Then you have a battery or battery connection problem. Check the fuel gauge to make sure it is not on empty. It started with intermittent "NO start" problems along with a host of other electrical problems around 16, miles. Auto makers make the switches hard to remove to deter auto theft. In this brief article will cover the common symptoms associated with both distinctive models of trucks and sport utility vehicles. A large heavy key ring that rocks and sways as you drive twists and tugs on the switch. See the related articles on these subjects for further diagnosis. The good news is if you have a bad ignition switch you don't need to buy a new key. Also stop by the homepage to see what else we cover. Before we jump in let's clarify the difference between an ignition switch and the ignition lock cylinder. Fortunately, I have replaced enough of these switches that I now bypass my standard logical path of diagnosis and testing. Diagnose Ignition Switch Problems Copyright AA1Car The ignition switch is the master switch that provides power for the vehicle's electrical accessories, computer, fuel and ignition systems. I turned it on with the switch. June 16, - GM Recalls Another 3. On GM vehicles this manufacturer specific trouble code represents a failure of the ignition switch. Therefore, some Chevrolet truck owners complain about a check engine light and transmission problems. On vehicles with automatic transmissions, there is also a "shift interlock" solenoid that locks the transmission linkage so the transmission cannot be shifted out of Park. Worn contacts inside the switch may cause a momentarily loss of voltage as a result of heat or vibration as when driving on a rough road or hitting a bump. This means you rotate the nylon wheel all the way to the down position. If your vehicle has a smart key, the new key will have to be programmed to the computer. I did not jump or charge it. This time that didn't work.

2003 chevy silverado ignition switch problems

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