2014 halloween costumes for couples

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I managed to scrape all of the props together by chance. The wearer sees through the facial features, which are covered with mesh speaker fabric. The inspiration came from a previous costume event, when she went for some fast food and contemplated the inadvertent pun. Your buddy could accompany you as a LEGO brick.

2014 halloween costumes for couples

See more pictures of the finished product. The creation process is detailed on her blog , and the Instructables version is available if you'd like to try this yourself. We turned these two rival transportation companies into a very driven couple see what we did there?! I made the Major Toht costume in a single afternoon. We think Marilyn said it best: That was Blossom and her bestie sidekick, Six, and they were pretty dang cool once upon a time. The project took six weeks, but as you can see, the results are awesome. Headless Marie Antoinette Nicole Magne, who wore a gaping abdominal hole in the Death Becomes Her costume above, made this awesome Marie Antoinette getup a few years ago. The globe is fashioned from clear acetate, and the snow is made from bits of foam hanging by thread. Henderson has a webpage with instructions for those who aren't amputees on how to recreate the Cherry Darling look, and an annual competition is held for the best machine-gun-leg costume. Robot Couple Instructables member onebrokenneck made a robot couple for a costume competition. He also made the banana costume his son is wearing in the background—and it has a photo tutorial , too. Photograph by Flickr user Jason Adams. Craftster member sjeanette made papier mache heads of the monsters. It helped that he already resembled the actor David Morrissey somewhat. Caterpillar Power Loader J You might not recognize the name Caterpillar Power Loader J, but surely you remember the mechanical power suit Sigourney Weaver used to fight the alien queen in Aliens. Not one single kid realized that It wasn't a trash can and I scared so many of them that I lost count. The column of flame below hid his legs. I hope someone picks this up and runs with it this year. Then it inspired some women to recreate the scene. RoG posted details on how he contructed this one. The rest of her was dressed in black. Ben Hallert built this one for Halloween in Rubik's Cube Flickr user mcredis built a Rubik's Cube costume and posted the process in photographs. What emoticon is shown is controlled by the wearer's body actions.

2014 halloween costumes for couples

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  1. Mousetrap Jeff from Ohio told the story of how he made this mousetrap costume for his 3-year-old daughter.

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