40 day respect dare

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I received this ebook free from the publisher. What if he doesn't deserve your respect? Mar 29, Nicole Rackiewicz rated it liked it It was a neat thing to do to accompany lent in so much as it gave tangible areas for growth.

40 day respect dare

There are things that I absolutely agree with and things that I want to implement into my own role as a wife. Apr 23, Jolene rated it liked it Ephesians 5: The opinions I have expressed are my own. However, I felt like some of the example stories didn't resonate with authenticity. What about if he's irresponsible and the electricity gets turned of Ephesians 5: The real-life stories in the book resonated deeply with me and the dares stretched me and helped me to get to know and love God, my husband and even myself better. One one hand, the author made it very clear that a wife does not need to stay in an abusive situation or become a doormat. Most wives want to feel loved and most husbands want to be respected. I also felt like there were some mixed messages. Like I said, The Respect Dare had some great advice and some not-so-great advice, in my opinion. On the other hand, there were several times that it seemed like the message was to respect your husband no matter what he does Sep 22, Stephanie M. I received this ebook free from the publisher. What does it really mean to respect your husband? I understand that people sometimes need to learn by experiencing consequences, but I also believe that the wife's role as helpmate does not mean that you have to let yourself and your children suffer because of your husband's poor choices. I know that we are still married today because of the work This book was a true game changer in my life. Many of the stories seemed fabricated or overly simplified to fit into some sort of a mold, but overall it was a decent read. Some of the stories are silly and seem completely made up instead of accounts of real couples. I needed more explanation and to see how those verses really related to my marriage and personal walk with God. I love that the focus is getting your relationship with God right first. Each day has a story with a happy ending which can be discouraging if you are not experiencing the same results from your husband. It's like the author ran out of material for a full 40 days of dares and just squeezed some other "good Christian principles" in to fill space. I would definitely recommend this book to any woman who is married or even engaged. There is a new edition coming out on December 10, I saw real change in my heart and in my relationship with my husband. It has some awesome marital advice. Disclosure of Material Connection:

40 day respect dare

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