Alfie sheard age

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Alfie Sheard, 15, was filmed singing and playing his guitar for pocket money on the streets of Doncaster in south Yorkshire and the video went viral with three million hits. There was a shoot out just around the corner from my block on one occasion, and on another we were driving past a store as an armed robbery was taking place. I made some friends for life, but there are also people who are not so genuine.

Alfie sheard age

At the age of 17, singer and musician Alfie Sheard has learned an awful lot about the music business. Published on Doncaster Free Press , Alfie said: Alfie performing on the show Alfie is now back home in Rotherham after the four-day trip with his family. If you haven't allready. I have cancelled a lot of my gigs to concentrate on my school work. His world went crazy, as he was invited to the States to perform on the Ellen Degeneres Show, and his idol Ed Sheeran not only applauded his talent, but gave him a personalised guitar as a mark of respect. I never had one but there were plenty around. I have heard your stuff and everyone has been very, very complimentary about it as well. Sheeran said he would only gift him the guitar if he played it everyday. It means so much to me. A couple of times I was working in the studio when Jennifer Lopez was there with her entourage.. This is a cover of me singing hallelujah in Doncaster town. DeGeneres' team brought out the guitar and later on had Sheard perform for the crowd. The host joked that he should eat the stuff from the mini bar because they're taking car of all of that. Splash News The superstar told him saying: Sheard said he liked performing on the street because he can perform new songs that others don't know. The talented teen is also enjoying his time at home, and will busk in Doncaster again, when time allows. DeGeneres told the audience that ever since she saw the video she had been dying to meet him and added: He literally went viral when video of him busking in Doncaster surfaced on the network. He said he likes to see them filming and smiling at his performance. I play it everyday. I loved it but at times I could feel a bit isolated. But the talented teen is also enjoying home time, and will busk in Doncaster again, when time allows The fact that he has even noticed me is overwhelming. The eight hours time difference makes it hard to maintain contact with family and friends over here. His ultimate goal is to go home to his mother and tell her that she doesn't have to work anymore because he will take care of her.

Alfie sheard age

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  1. He said that he has heard his stuff and he wanted to give him one of his guitars. The eight hours time difference makes it hard to maintain contact with family and friends over here.

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