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In a fit of madness, she murdered her mother in her sleep before Theodora could announce her decision to the general public. Users of Black Imagination are inherently corrupt and evil. Enough time has passed for those in the middle echelons of government to forget the day-to-day horrors of war and focus once more on the petty intrigues of a land at peace.


After thirteen years of no sign of Alyss ever returning home, morale within the camp is low and the Alyssians are considering turning themselves in to Redd. Queen Genevieve and Redd clash against one another in a final battle as Alyss barely manages to escape from the palace; Genevieve is killed by Redd. Believing that men dealing in headwear are men to be trusted above all others, he stops in every hat shop he can, inquiring the whereabouts of Princess Alyss Heart. Along his search he also trails people alight with the glow of White Imagination, knowing that Alyss would most likely glow the brightest. Wonderland features a class system similar to that seen in England during the 17th century, though on a far more minimalist scale. After Alyss and Hatter disappear, he seems to work for Redd, but he secretly helps the Alyssians in their battle against Redd. Based on The Caterpillar from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland , Blue Caterpillar is the head of six oracle-like caterpillars of which the remaining five are colored red, yellow, orange, green, and purple who live in the Mushroom Valley and act as guardians to the sacred Heart Crystal. She is a "halfer" Half civilian and half Milliner who helps Alyss and the rest of Alyssians to find The Looking-Glass Maze, and eventually fights along their side in the battle of Mount Isolation. The four issue mini-series is now complete and has been collected into a trade paperback. He is based on the Walrus from Through the Looking-Glass. His name is an anagram of White Rabbit. In a fit of madness, she murdered her mother in her sleep before Theodora could announce her decision to the general public. Boarderland is a kingdom a country ruled by a man to which King Nolan is sent to attempt to gain as an ally against Redd. When split he is referred to as 'they', rather than 'he', and each is able to act independently of the other. Meanwhile, Hatter is searching every corner of the world to find the lost princess. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Three months later he asks her to marry him. She is the main villain of the book and Alyss' aunt; based on both the Red Queen and the Queen of Hearts. He later went to a playing card collector who claimed to have the cards missing from the deck and told him the story of the Looking Glass Wars. When he first meets Alice he kisses her hand and doesn't let go. Liddell of Oxford and their three daughters: Genevieve appears to be based on the White Queen. The Princess of Wonderland forced to flee to the real world when her Aunt Redd takes over Wonderland, slaughtering those who stand in her Redd's path. The government is a Queendom with an advising Parliament dominated by a playing card based hierarchy, with the Heart family at the top of the proverbial stack i. After that he follows her around everywhere.


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