Aries woman friendship

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The important thing for both Aries is to control their pride. Those who are fortunate enough to be beloved by an Aries woman generally feel safe and secure knowing they have her on their side. She will use a bank, but would be quite content to hide her money under the mattress where she can quickly get her hands on it. Her sincere, straight-to-the-point, and direct approach is hard to resist.

Aries woman friendship

Aries has the drive and the will to get ahead—and looks fabulous all the way. Aries and Money Independence is a major need for the Aries woman and having control of her financial resources plays an important role in this. A little bling never hurts either and Aries women usually wear sparkling accessories to accentuate their look. Her main gemstone is the diamond. She will fight tooth and nail for her children, and is keen for them to do well. What's In Your Future? Aries and Family The Aries woman is loyal to a fault as long as there is no challenge to her unconditional love and trust. Her main color is red. Aries are inspired by action and get bored by too many coffee dates. She does not like to be possessed, but occasional displays of possessiveness or jealousy can be much appreciated, as she considers these, if in healthy moderation, signs that her partners knows she is valuable. Her passion is not of the brooding, sensual variety. Given her ambitious nature and eagerness to tackle new challenges, the Aries woman would obviously do well as an entrepreneur. Long-term friends are trickier. Those born in early April tend to be more interested in achieving power and can be more ambitious along with that other Leonine tendency to party and be the center of attention. When looks at their partner, they see a reflection of themselves. Part of Body Ruled: It takes a strong person with a healthy ego to take on an Aries woman. They both want things their own way! So it is only natural that they argue with each other a lot. If they could accomplish this, the abundance of their combined energy could help them achieve wonderful results. She looks fabulous in long lean gowns and punchy pieces of bling that stand out. An Aries woman believes no advance is taboo or unwanted if it is between two people who love each other. Sparks usually fly, and often, when an Arian woman is involved, but this merely adds to the glint of excitement in her eye. The Aries woman never needed liberating — she was always free as a bird and well able to run her own life. Just how many people say they hate games in relationships? She is a whirlwind of fun, warm and totally unpredictable; an Aries friend will always be entertaining.

Aries woman friendship

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  1. She does not usually fit the role of traditional mother, and has her very own style of parenting that she calls her own, and that works very well for her and her family.

  2. No experiment is too outlandish for the Aries woman — after all you have to try it before you knock it! Two people influenced by Mars are like two warriors, fully armed and ready for war.

  3. As long as she believes in the cause, it will be pursued with all the vigor and enthusiasm this woman can give. Her appeal is direct, straightforward, and naive.

  4. As such, Aries women can suffer from more headaches than most signs. Aries is a fire sign, and like all other fire signs Aries have an unrestrained source of energy.

  5. Only those who are equally energetic and able to keep up are apt to stay connected with an Aries for the long haul. They could either fight on the same team or fight against each other.

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