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I agree with having your daughter sleep in your room or you in hers until this is better. Ours is a super extreme story and this all happened when she was very little less than a year and none of it was a surprise because she was born very early with a ton of health problems. The biggest things I remember that helped: So, exploring allergies may help a lot, animals, food, mold, etc. She was on oxygen for more than nine months and eventually the GERD and aspiration were so bad that she needed to have a feeding tube placed.


Obviously YANMPediatrician, but please tell me about your experiences with children with severe asthma, or chronic respiratory infections, or aspiration. It just does get better somehow. And, I guess, reflux, though we've never noticed any signs of it. She's on QVAR, albuterol every 4 hours round the clock, and the pulmonologist added Singulair today to help with her upper airway congestion. We were very lucky, though, to avoid any hospitalizations or major medical interventions. Getting taught how to do infant CPR and heimlich helped my confidence at home. Her pediatrician and family doctor okayd this with us. Extended breastfeeding to boost her immune system. With getting a proper diagnosis later on and with making appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes, he is now 27 and is more fit than a lot of people without his condition. We had to try different nipple sizes because it was so thick, but she had fewer coughing incidents with that brand. She had to be ventilated for a while and then on reflux meds and monitored while eating etc. I ended up with pretty bad postpartum anxiety, due to exactly the kind of "is he breathing? We also did all the self-care suggested above, such as humidifiers, the NoseFrida, and leaving as much time between meals and lying down as possible. The barium swallow test is like minutes and surprisingly easy. I didn't get better until I stopped living with pets in my 20s. She went home, was well for three days, and now has another chest cold, and it's all I can do to keep her breathing from being labored. He was generally in less distress when he was up against me. Many kids grow out of it entirely. Asthma very often becomes less severe as kids grow older. Between 2 months and 2 years old, he had aspiration pnumeonia, at least four courses of oral steroids the side effects He was diagnosed "asthmatic" for a long time, but that diagnosis was changed to something more serious when he was 14 after my health problem was finally ID'd and that led to his being ID'd. The speech and language pathologist will call and talk with me before the study. This can be good news in that those are often things you can change. As I mentioned, she's been sick all fall - multiple courses of oral steroids, a flu-like illness followed by bacterial pneumonia that she would have been admitted for if the hospital hadn't been full, an ER trip narrowly averted because our doctor was in clinic late that day. I'm scheduling a swallow study, and I've read a little about what to expect. So, exploring allergies may help a lot, animals, food, mold, etc.


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  1. I will ask my mother how she dealt with toddler aged me. You're doing the study because you don't know what the problem is, so worry about it once you're there.

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