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Archaeology benefitted curiously from the first and second world wars when foreigners interned in Switzerland, and local unemployed, were engaged to excavate the main buildings of the Roman city and to renovate and open to the public the theatre, "Cigognier" and the gates and one tower of the wall. With the advent of the national highway scheme a programme of rescue archaeology was set up under the association "Pro Aventico" under the remarkably capable direction of Professor Hans Bogli, after whom the Roman museum has since been named. Of the rest of the land, 3. Getting to Avenches from Lausanne on public transportation takes around 90 minutes change trains in Payerne or change to a bus in Fribourg. Avenches is first mentioned in as Avenche.


Also, they out in any effort to take care of my requests. When economic circumstances worsened at the end of the 19th century the Jews left the city and the synagogue, which was no longer in use, was torn down in Roman theatre in Avenches. In the 11th century, it was surrounded by a wall, and it received city rights in Avenches, the capital of Switzerland during Roman times, is an interesting small town to visit just off the Autoroute A1 between Lausanne and Bern. Show more Show less Looking for deals in Avenches? During the thirteenth century, the town mostly moved onto the hill where the castle and Maria Magdalene Church were already established in the previous century. Near to the line of the Roman walls, and benefitting from use of stone from the walls is the small Romanesque church in Donatyre which possesses excellent early fresco paintings. The Avenches region is relatively flat — with views of the Alps and the Jura mountains — making the region very popular with cyclists and hikers. Everything, it was all just perfect! As with most of the region, the Bernese took control in and ruled Avenches until the Napoleonic era. Much of its present appearance is due to the work done by the Bernese shortly after taking control. There is a very pleasant atmosphere, much better that the "cold and aseptic" that is normally found in big-chain hotels. Other parts of the city still visible are the amphitheatre which includes a later tower now housing the Professor Hans Bogli museum, the baths, the walls, two of the entrances gates, a smaller temple and part of a place building. During the Middle Ages, the town people moved up the hill for easier defensive purposes — the confident Romans had their city in the plains. With the mediation of Napoleon in , Avenches became part of the canton of Vaud and capital of its district. Even today, large parts of the former Roman town remains next to the modern town with free access to the Roman ruins in the open countryside. Between the castle and theater, note the small monument for Ernest Failloubaz — he owned the first Swiss pilot license. Getting to Avenches from Lausanne on public transportation takes around 90 minutes change trains in Payerne or change to a bus in Fribourg. The municipality of Oleyres merged on 1 January into the municipality of Avenches. Roman amphitheater in Avenches. In , it became part of the Helvetic canton of Fribourg. It was really nice and clean place. Most of the castle is not open to the public but it worth exploring the exterior including a very lovely Renaissance portal. Looking forward to come back with my family for a holiday!


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  1. Although the city was partly rebuilt, it never recovered its former glory. During World War I , it served as a military airfield.

  2. An airfield was built on the flat land north of the municipality in where Ernest Failloubaz did the first flight in Switzerland of an aircraft built and flown by Swiss citizen. The former Roman town was bigger than the present Avenches and located mostly to the east of the modern town.

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