Baek ji young sex video downlaod

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She'll find out New Year's Eve, when she is due to bring back her Latin rhythms at a concert in Seoul. In Korea's increasingly wired society, a growing number of actresses and even beauty pageant contestants have turned up on the Web nude or in "see-through" bikini shots supposedly taken with infrared cameras. Instead of playing the role of the fallen woman, the singer made it clear she sees herself as the victim in this drama. With a successful debut album, her own radio show and an advertising contract with a Korean shoe company, Baek was on the fast track to stardom.

Baek ji young sex video downlaod

Activists say the case highlights the double standard that still holds in Korea's conservative society, where unmarried women are expected to keep their sexuality under wraps—at least offstage—while men score points for promiscuity. In , former celebrity manager Kim Seok Jin shot to notoriety after a sex video of him and his charge - K-pop singer Baek Ji Young - started circulating on the Internet. Public outcry ensued and TV stations, radio stations and advertisers alike were quick to boycott Ji Young. Baek's former manager, Kim Si Won, phoned a live entertainment program on SBS to say the video was genuine and that he was the guy in it throughout the minute clip, he repeatedly pulls down the sheets to make sure the camera gets a clear shot of Baek. He had been on the US wanted list for two years. Instead of slinking away, she has hired a lawyer and defiantly vows to continue singing "if a single fan wants me to. The test will be—can Baek make a comeback? If the singer follows Korea's unspoken rule for disgraced celebrities, especially women, she will quietly walk off stage with her head bowed. Media watchdog groups have condemned the sensationalistic coverage and sounded somber warnings about a slide in journalist ethics. The group has filed a lawsuit against a producer at SBS, the television station that helped publicize the existence of the video. Says Park Cha Oak Kyung, spokeswoman for the women's association: But he failed to explain who did, and prosecutors are still seeking the culprit. But instead of making herself out to be a 'naive and silly' victim and making a fast exit, the plucky singer put up a fierce fight to stay in showbiz. Radio stations scrambled to pull her songs off the air and television stations canceled appearances. Sources close to the singer told The Chosun Ilbo that she 'may not want her name mentioned in connection with Kim since the sex tape scandal nearly ruined her career'. The shoe company put its Baek ads on hold. With a successful debut album, her own radio show and an advertising contract with a Korean shoe company, Baek was on the fast track to stardom. But it was not so easy to sway public opinion. Claiming he had planned to marry her, he said he shot the footage in his office in October He then fled to the US but made headlines again last week, this time for statutory rape charges. He concedes Baek may not have known that he was filming their tryst. So far, Ji Young has yet to comment on the news. In a matter of days, the footage was posted on private home pages and shareware sites and Koreans were downloading hundreds of thousands of copies. A typical Net posting reads: He did not say why. By the time the Ministry of Information and Communication stepped in to stop distribution on Nov. Link Baek Ji Young was hot, hot, hot.

Baek ji young sex video downlaod

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