Best sex positions for virgo and cancer

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Cancer is the sign associated with mothers and mothering, and gender is unimportant in this context. Sagittarius The Headlock Competitive Sagittarius is known to appreciate a friendly tussle during sex. Play with different peaks, and by the time you let them go over the edge, the experience will be ultra intense for both of you.

Best sex positions for virgo and cancer

Plus, with bodies so close, Gemini, thought to be skilled with their hands, can easily caress all their partner's sweet spots. Asking for direction can be surprisingly hot, and an Aquarius will only be too happy to oblige. Jan 23, Photograph by Getty Images The secret to leaving your lover satisfied? As far as positions, you love keeping things classic to start, and are all about warming up with a favorite tried-and-true position, then trying something new. These sex positions and strategies are exactly what your zodiac sign craves and what your partner wants, too! The Rocking Horse allows you to do all of this, making it the perfect sex position for any Pisces. Crabs are the Olympic champions of non-sexual spooning, deliciously long hugging and gently stroking whatever hurts both in body and soul. This is not the sign that typically jumps into bed. The shoulder holder is the elevated missionary. The Scorpio remembers to set a timer, no worries. Turn up the heat in your bedroom by tailoring your sex position to your lover's astrologically influenced personality. Enjoy getting each other off, then move onto the main event. Getting as much stimulation from as many sources as possible can truly make your body sing. Back to breasts, Cancers like to get to second base on the first date. Security is paramount for Cancers, but it's not because they're insecure. You like to keep things new and exciting when it comes to sex. Sex for you is something that should be fun, and not too complicated. Sags are intrigued by toys. From both places, each person looks good and has equal leverage, making this an ideal move for the sign of beauty and harmony. Read on, then bring your zodiac sign to bed tonight. Earth sign Capricorn loves to please you, so get a little bossy. The Leo loves to be in control and take the lead. You like to challenge yourself and see just how far you can push your own abilities. This position will definitely do that. Think of it as a gateway position to freakiness—one that excites Cap almost every time. Having your partner at your consensual mercy will totally turn you on.

Best sex positions for virgo and cancer

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  1. Instead of focusing on the tried and true positions, try having your partner pay attention to another erogenous part of your body.

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