Breaking free from codependency

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Reflect upon your own needs and desires, and then take steps to fulfill them. For many years I neglected my own needs. We put ourselves aside. Will your insurance pay for treatment?

Breaking free from codependency

Unnecessary shame and guilt prevents you from reaching out for help. Initially they start out trying to help their partner and be supportive. Here is a short test you can give yourself that lists some of the warning signs of codependency. For addicts, this binding, unhealthy condition is necessary for continuing a relationship with both loved ones and their addiction. More importantly, remember to live your life by making positive use of those qualities. If you feel you are in a relationship where you have lost your sense of self and ability to exist independent of your partner you may have fallen into a codependent pattern. You can read more about the habits and patterns of codependent people here. Good and bad things will happen, but with a centered and balanced heart, we can get over any obstacles. These unhealthy emotions then lead to self-deprecating or enabling behaviors. We put ourselves aside. I realize now that life is meant to be enjoyed and savored. We build trust when we afford ourselves, and our partners, some breathing room. I kept a list of all the cute boys at my school and spent hours daydreaming about a blissful, fairy tale love. The cycle of codependency can only be overcome by establishing and nurturing a super-loving relationship with yourself. Look at your current relationship and previous relationships. I now prioritize personal time to do individual activities: I began to see myself as an incomplete person, one who was in need of major repairs and upgrades. If you want to help your substance-abusing loved one, YOU have to be well first. The payoff makes it worth the effort. The relationships created out of addiction are no different. I worried so much about all of the things that were outside of my control—often, other people. Finally, I was able to understand all of the behaviors, feelings, and emotions I had struggled with for so long. I hope I have done that with this post. I chose partners with alcohol and drug dependencies. The first few days spent alone were absolutely torturous. We would spend our weekends drinking and gambling at a local pool hall. Although the codependent relationship may have caused or exacerbated these feelings, loved ones may not feel they deserve change over time.

Breaking free from codependency

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