Can i hook up speakers without a receiver

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So if you add more resistance with cables that are too thin, you can actually change the sound—particularly at higher frequencies. And when you do you want to be able to upgrade your system hassle-free. Austin May 19, at 5: Most AV receivers and speakers are perfectly upgradable, provided you stay away from Bose systems or anything that has proprietary connections through the subwoofer rather than using a standard AV receiver with speaker level outputs and connectors. The problem is, this technique is not applicable for all TV and Speakers.

Can i hook up speakers without a receiver

For the connection between TV and speaker, you should use pasive hub because there's no actual use for active hub here. Connect the speaker cords directly to the TV output if possible. And a lot of times making sure you properly install your surround sound speakers is another big step towards being upgrade-ready. As for how to hook up wireless speakers, it would help to know what you are hooking up and what you need it to do. I have a Kenwood receiver,cd player and equalizer. This is also related to our next item… 4. When you don't have a receiver or it's damaged for some reason, you can use a stand-alone 2 channel amplifier. Feemster July 9, at 8: The problem is, this technique is not applicable for all TV and Speakers. So why do so many people bring home a 5. Luck is not always in our favor, now is it? Tower speakers and bookshelf speakers must be connected in phase. Receiver, we know how important this name is in the electronic universe. That means doing some planning up-front. You don't have a receiver for some reason, how are you supposed to connect the speaker to the TV? And here comes the bad luck part. Suzy April 27, at 3: Austin May 19, at 5: A lot of times this simply means getting equipment that is upgradable. Give your AV equipment plenty of ventilation or consider adding a fan to your rack or furniture to encourage more airflow. These mistakes can range from simple problematic issues to things that could quickly lead to premature device failure. Make sure you have the antenna hooked up to the tuner. There are inexpensive sets that sound great and expensive sets that sound like crap. Yes, when the privilege of wireless connection is available, there's no certain importance of receiver. He had stored it in a cabinet and frequently ran it with the doors shut!

Can i hook up speakers without a receiver

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