Cheesy christmas songs

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Besides, who doesn't love Santa, Silver Bells, and singing fa-la-la-la-la? She describes the happy hustle and bustle of pre-holiday shopping in the city, as Salvation Army bell ringers ask for donations for the needy. Santa, tell me if you're really there Don't make me fall in love again if he won't be here Next year.

Cheesy christmas songs

Apparently that's not too young to have witnessed the magic of the mistletoe. The lyrics are cheesy, the wardrobe is tacky and some traditions are silly. The narrator desperately misses home and assumes he probably won't be able to be with his loved ones for the holiday. Image courtesy of Flickr, ronnie One of the best — or worst, depending on your perspective — parts about the holidays is how we embrace corniness. Adding fake snow in the background and angled close up shots of Brian Tichy are just icing on the cake. She describes the happy hustle and bustle of pre-holiday shopping in the city, as Salvation Army bell ringers ask for donations for the needy. This is especially the case for office parties, government or school functions, and similar gatherings where people of diverse religions come together at the end of the year. It features a narrator who has had her heart broken in the past. Johnny Mathis' cover of the peppy, uptempo classic will certainly get you in the holiday mood. The song does make you wonder just what kind of reindeer games those parents were up to. He more than holds his own as he wishes listeners a stress-free Christmas season full of merriment and light, complete with faithful friends gathered 'round. TLC did this hip-hop version of the original s carol in Gary Coleman as an elf, advanced green screen action, metal ball necklaces and those half-up, half-down pig tails that were cool in the early '00s. Or perhaps you're not Christian but want to celebrate the joy of the holiday season. If you like this video, just wait until you see the a cappella Norwegian version. This song was originally written for the Broadway production of Mame, and the song was performed after the central character lost her fortune in the Wall Street stock market crash. WELL, as long as you don't forget the real reason for the season. With descriptions of decorating and mentions of Santa and Christmas carols, you'll be brimming with joy before the song is over. The holiday song has an uptempo beat, church bells and sleigh bells in the background, and a retro s feel. By Christine Erickson This cover version by country group Rascal Flatts is harmonious and oozes with the lonesomeness and longing that are implicit in the song's message. Here's a playlist of songs without mention of religion. Since parties without music are simply meetings, here's an answer to your party playlist dilemma: The song is a conversation between a woman who cites reasons why she really must go home and a man who implores her to stay with him. Technically, we call it a "Holiday Bash" to be inclusive.

Cheesy christmas songs

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  1. It's guaranteed to get your party hopping. To kick off the season, here are the 15 cheesiest holiday music videos we could find on YouTube.

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