Choose the sex of your baby

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The Y-chromosome-carrying sperm the one that results in a boy if it fertilizes an egg is smaller, lighter, and faster-moving than sperm carrying the X or female chromosome. Abstaining for a few days before making love increases your chances of conceiving a boy. I did it all in mint and lemon, just in case. My friend was on it, too. The British were the pioneers in in vitro technology.

Choose the sex of your baby

Other reports suggest a mild preference among Caucasians for girls. The replies are universally supportive. Of course I know. Young's book for help in conceiving a boy. He says he treats these cases with some caution and recommends counselling. Female sperm survive better in the naturally acidic environment of your vagina, so climaxing first would favour the conception of boys. Although "a disproportionately high" percentage of couples actively seeking sex selection were non-Europeans preferring boys, overall, families seemed to want both sexes. A similar trend is reported in India, which also has a deep-seated cultural preference for boys. Historical events have shown that famine can result in more boys being born but also that women weighing less than They spoke to him on the phone. This could mean that the type of food and nutrients available to those people played a part, or that calorie intake has an effect - but a low-calorie diet has a very different effect to malnutrition. Five years ago, the Amarillo, Texas, couple consulted Dr. That's less than the percent chance they'd have if they let nature take its course. In addition, an X sperm can withstand a more acidic environment, while a Y is more likely to survive in an alkaline environment. The process by which your baby becomes a boy or a girl, according to what's written in his or her genetic code, is awe-inspiring. GIVF gives each family a framed picture of their embryos just before implantation. Print Pinterest Ellen Durston, a newspaper reporter in Chicago, always wanted her first child to be female. Young prescribes the opposite course. Male sperm are more vulnerable and the vagina becomes less acidic closer to the cervix. The British were the pioneers in in vitro technology. We follow advances in medicine, and we are also pushed. They are, says Nicola, "completely different from the boys in every respect. Brown hair, freckles, lunch stains down his front, shirt hanging out. I realise this is not the correct thing to be doing now. So if penetration is deep woman-on-top or man-behind positions , the male sperm will enter a more alkaline environment and are more likely to survive the short journey. Seven weeks later, Nicola found out she was pregnant with twin girls. But because they can't quite understand how they ended up having three boys in the first place.

Choose the sex of your baby

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  1. The Gunns want a baby girl. I was sitting there feeding him, the TV was on, and I caught the tail end of this documentary.

  2. Usually it's a girl. Therefore, having sex on the day of ovulation should increase the chances of conceiving a boy.

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