Christian web sites on sex

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But whatever the report reveals about pornography it obscures about evangelical Christianity and the larger sexual landscape, which is a much more complicated story. Just as You killed an animal to cover the nakedness- the exposure, vulnerability, and shame- of Adam and Eve after their sin, You have provided the perfect, spotless Lamb to cover me. Sexual shame was not Your original intent; sin is what ushered in shame. There are many wrong ways to use, misuse, and abuse sex.

Christian web sites on sex

Are Christian Allowed To…? I want that for us as a whole, for every Christian woman whose birthright has given her this inheritance. Even as I confess to You my sin and shame, I receive the covering You have given in Your love and kindness. Pastors are sermonizing and sexologists are offering conferences to help couples overcome their guilt about a once-touchy subject. Yet even in that, You have provided a covering for sin and the removal of shame. In particular, Christian sex advice caught my attention because it showcases how evangelicals can hold beliefs that are simultaneously pro- and anti-sex. He likes to see you touch where he wants to touch, so rubbing and touching your breasts and crotch is good. It is a relatively recent historical phenomenon for Christians to claim sexual pleasure as part of their religious framework. Bring to mind the remembrance of these things, Lord and be glorified as my thinking changes to reflect sexual thoughts that honor You. Wells is also critical of Christian attitudes toward premarital sex, which she argues encourages teens to marry young out of guilt. In order to be practically useful, Christian sex advice must frankly discuss and sometimes visually represent the act of sex. I want to see the beauty, the gift, the power, the glory, the grandeur and holiness of Christian marriage sex as God intended. Online discussions become stories about sexual bodies, desires and pleasures. Jesus, and Jesus alone, is the only way to salvation, and the Bible is the ultimate authority. Our family currently lives on the 26th floor of a hi-rise in Asia. Touch yourself under your panties and tell him what you feel. The author of this post—a self-identified conservative Christian—firmly believes that sexual experimentation can and should be a part of a godly marriage. But while evangelicals may believe that God designed sex to be pleasurable for married couples, they may not know how to achieve that pleasure. Conservative beliefs In the years I spent studying these sites, I never saw a single post endorsing or opposing a political candidate. Evangelical ministers say the church should play a role in spreading the good word. Tease with what you say. Watching porn gets in the way of Christians fully experiencing what God designed. Play with your nipples and ask if he likes it. Created in , the site covers topics like anal, oral and phone sex; masturbation and role-playing; fetishes; bonding; and spanking. These websites, unsurprisingly, are strictly porn-free: Lord, I can have such deep feelings of shame in this area of sex but I thank You for the covering You have provided for me. Advancing conservative politics In other words, I would argue, the sexual freedom that these websites claim to offer is illusory.

Christian web sites on sex

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  1. For Your honor I ask this, amen! Nothing has brought heartache… and joy… to my life and marriage quite like the marriage bed.

  2. In total, I studied 36 websites and conducted 44 interviews with users of two of the most active sites as well as six interviews with creators of different sites over two years — between and Using the Bible as their guide, women answer, among other things:

  3. And, they offer new translations of scripture to give biblical clout to their message. After researching Christian sexuality websites, I am convinced that they do as much or more to advance conservative politics as does a preacher telling his congregation to vote for a particular candidate.

  4. If you are still searching for Christian sex advice, please check out this book by Sheila Wray Gregoire.

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