City cop kevin kline mexcio sex trade trade tunnel

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In the truck, Veronica sees one of the other captives is feeling very sick. Her delinquent year-old brother, Jorge Cesar Ramos , follows her to the United States after she is smuggled across the border, through the so-called "sex tunnels. She touches his hand with her bloody thumb. Both parties make it to New Jersey. After hanging up, Ray pulls out a wrinkled old photo of a girl looking to be around five or six years old, looking at it.

City cop kevin kline mexcio sex trade trade tunnel

In the middle of the night, Ray makes Jorge wait just outside an internet cafe. Vadim suddenly grabs Veronica and pulls her into the car, covering her mouth with his hand. In the last scene, Vadim is seen hugging and kissing a woman and young boy goodbye before leaving their house in Mexico City. Jorge walks through crowded streets as he asks any random passerby whose attention he can get, about Adriana, giving a description that he doesn't realize is painfully vague and can apply to any of millions of young teenage girls in Mexico City. Later that morning, Ray has passed the information on to his contact, who'll forward it to the internet crimes unit. Hearing someone getting out of the car, he hides behind the refrigerator in the kitchen. As they all begin moving again, Veronica looks back and sees Manuelo praying at the shrine. The camera pans to the back seat to show a cat laying in a kitty couch, which Ray is bringing back to his wife. Though her faith is uplifting, the disturbing twist to this scenario is that the main captor is also very committed to his religion and can sell innocent children and kneel in a humble prayer all in the same day. Tearing through the parking lot, he causes a scene which attracts a passing officer, who demands to see identification, which Jorge isn't carrying. Manuelo tells her that he has a vitamin for her that will help ease the pain she's in. She tells him that, if he locates her, to bring her home. Veronica's mother asks, puzzled, whether Gregor hasn't already arrived in America. One of the girls goes over to Adriana and introduces herself, saying why she's here, and gives Adriana an American fashion magazine. As Ray passes by the kitchen, heading toward the caged enclosure, Jorge creeps out of the stash house behind him, and hides in the trunk of Ray's car. It says About 1,, People get trafficked over borders illegally every year No mods. Upstairs in the privacy of the room, Ray tells Adriana that he's here with Jorge, looking to rescue her. But Lupe doesn't approve, neither of Jorge's supposed job, nor of how he acquired the bike. She sneaks to her mother's room, while her mother is still sleeping, and quietly grabs the keys off a small bookcase. Sexual abuse of any nature is still one of the most serious crimes, with the least severe consequences, in our Nation. At the police station, Ray appears to be struggling with whether to believe Jorge's story. Extreme Movie Critics …The film has many powerful moments, ones that hit you in the gut. In the truck, Veronica sees one of the other captives is feeling very sick. Ray sees a man sitting at a booth with a young Thai boy. She comes out with her blood on her hand to smear on the sheet to fool Laura. Adriana is delighted with the gift, hugging her brother gratefully, but their mother, Lupe, is skeptic; where did Jorge get the money to pay for the bicycle? Manuelo and party have been deported back across the border into Mexico, and he's marching them back along a different route.

City cop kevin kline mexcio sex trade trade tunnel

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