Clinton i did not have sex with that woman

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So, you know, it may have been worse for him if the technology was there, because would he have had the same access to defenders? Those are all huge questions that need to be sorted out. The Post went around and round about how to handle something like this. Michael, take us back though that moment.

Clinton i did not have sex with that woman

Under the Justice Department [regulations], he writes a report for Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who will have complete discretion as to whether to forward that to the Congress or not. Isikoff predicted that Washington will again see an impeachment battle after what he sees as the probability that control of the House of Representatives flips to Democrats in the elections. So I was aware this was a potentially big story. But he gave his supporters something to hold on to: Nobody was closer to the story than you. But, as the nation later learned, things happened quickly from that point, as it was that year that she began a relationship with the President that would last about two years and lead to an epoch-shaping scandal. The next day, they announce an immunity deal for her. Yeah, I agree with Michael on that. That was just a case of sexual McCarthyism gone amuck. At one point, she offered to give me the blue dress. Those snickers and eye rolls—many people have those now when they think of that scandal. This was the revelation, first reported by the Wall Street Journal, that a few weeks before the election, Trump's personal lawyer secretly paid a pornographic-film actress, who then recanted her previous claim that she and Trump had a sexual relationship a decade earlier. There was no process that required him to leave office; he decided to leave office. It gets into the power question that I think was so troubling. We had the tape; we had—I had been talking to Tripp for months. Indeed he was 27 years older than her, and the most powerful man on the planet. Had the admission come from the very beginning, it might have shocked the public enough to force him to resign. How does that work? And Monica definitely would have saved them. Those of us immersed in the Clinton story sometimes perceive we were present at the destruction. Then I get the phone call on a Tuesday. The previous night, the president confessed to a relationship with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky. These moments, usually in the first half of a career, come when a reporter or editor is immersed in a story that at the time is all-consuming—as though history suddenly has revved its jets—and remains a frame of reference even years later. Story Continued Below Sure, go ahead and snicker. The story becomes public news on Aug.

Clinton i did not have sex with that woman

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  1. A two-thirds majority in the Senate is required to remove the president from office. Ken Starr is on this?

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