Corinella fishing

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Gummies like oily baits so calamari, salmon fillets, tuna fillets, cured eel fillets, or even the humble pilchard work best. Fishing in 18m of water around 'Silverleaves' is a pretty good way to connect to a nice fish at present. Hang it from the pier on the surface of the water and cast your baits 5m in front of it. Your targeted species will search for the food source and find your baits. Customer Thao has also been catching some nice school fish from the same area, with the Hastings area really producing well.

Corinella fishing

There are reasonably consistent reports coming from the Long Reef area through to channels behind Joe's, with Corinella and deep off Ryhll also producing. Saying this, the first jewie kg I laid eyes on was caught at this pier on a frozen pillie on a k-mart rod so I guess anythings possible The northern sections of the the bay have been producing snapper for keen anglers, as the water feeding from the Yarra brings a slight warmth to this end of the bay. I like using small mutu circles and mustad bloodworm hooks. Western Port Nov 01 Westernport has continued to produce some quality snapper, with the bite somewhat more consistent than Port Phillip, but most anglers are aware that this is the case. Customers Jason and Brent were fishing the area over the weekend and caught fish around the 5kg mark using freshly caught yakkas. Heading south from Corinella the 'Corals' area can also produce some nice fish, but seems to fire a bit later in the season. Captain Perri has been getting plenty of snapper selfies during the week, with more time spent on the port than at work - but who's blaming him. There have been numbers of school fish from size to 2kg around the inshore reefs with Williamstown, Brighton, Black Rock and Mornington all holding big schools. The port holds a bit more warmth, especially in the north-eastern sections. Fishing a 15m hole, fish to 5kg were caught using pillies. Tony was only fishing fairly shallow and using squid freshly caught that session. The deeper water out from Rhyll and Cowes has been holding some nice fish with some good gummies mixed in. If sea lice are a problem, place your sinker on a 60cm dropper to keep the bait elevated off the bottom. Customer Kosta was fishing fishing out from Hastings along the channel drop with fresh squid when he scored a nice fish of around 11kg. A few weeks of milder weather should start to run good and proper. The top end of Westernport is the place to be. Bill from Mornington got out and scored a nice 4kg fish in 18m on pilly. Please think of the other fishos around you!! Snapper Oct 11 With some warm weather present over the past week, things have heated up on the snapper front. Chris was searching around for a larger fish in water where they are known to be caught at this time of year. Heading west, the deep water off Rhyll and Cowes is well worth fishing at present. Customer Ryan has been catching numbers of fish to about 1. If you're keen to try for a snapper either the top end of Port Phillip, 12 - 15m around St Kilda is worth a shot. Snapper slowly starting Sep 12 Snapper season is apon us!

Corinella fishing

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  1. At the end of the pier, the structure takes a right hand turn and runs parallel to the shore for around 20m before leading down onto a lower platform.

  2. The fish in the area will be grazing over the mudflats looking for crabs, mantis shrimp and whatever else they can find.

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