Cutthroat shamrock

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To put it simply the amount of Irish born people in Britain was massive but few of their offspring felt in anyway Irish. Thursday, March 17 Where: Chuck in a couple of rebel songs and more trad punked up to 11 and you got yerself a classic of American celtic-punk. More recent members Brad Carr banjo , Marcus Bunch guitar and Stewart McNealy and departed co-founder Ben Whitehead, are all known under their less-colorful given names. March 10, 0 Comments SHARE Derek McRotten, pictured on the Market Square stage in , says that, even though the group has played some terrific shows around the country, the best part of the 13 years that Cutthroat Shamrock has been a band is the friendships of the band members.

Cutthroat shamrock

McRotten and Whitehead decided on the band's name after Whitehead spotted some red shamrocks growing in his father's garden and his father told him what they were called. We were having such a blast. The band is a mix of Scottish immigrants and others from descended from the various celtic nations which gives them a very definite authentic feel. Another album I came across via the Paddy Punx blog and it had a massive impact on me. The duo managed to get a gig at the Gatlinburg nightspot Stool Pigeons. The experiences ran from performing for 10 people in New York in what McRotten calls "the smallest bar I've ever seen" to triumphant shows at Irish festivals, including the Milwaukee Irish Fest. The album has two expertly played trad songs and the rest are pure self-penned celtic-punk Neck classics. Far from the polish of the Murphys and the Mollys and all the better for it. That to be in possession of an Irish accent could land you in jail for a very long time. The bands mix of celtic-Irish-Americana and Chicago folklore plus solid working class roots and politics really hit the spot with me. Fourteen tracks of pure Irish folk ska punk. Aggressive celtic-punk but plenty of emphasis on traditional instruments too. Well The Pogues could. Our families all liked what passed for celtic-punk before this lot but the Dropkick Murphys? Probably more celtic-rock than punk they gig relentlessly across London and have a massive and loyal fan base. Whitehead decided to leave the band in late to spend more time with his family. Coming from the coalfields of Alabama these Irish-American lads sing a variety of mostly old standards and a few of their own songs. By the time Finnegans Wake came on that was it for me! Fuck all people in a tiny wee cellar venue but great sound and those that were there were a enthusiastic lot. The last year has flown by and, even better, feedback for the site seems to have been universally good. My mams heard them and thinks there awful racket! We thought you'd be playing bluegrass and honky-tonk! It's good-spirited, but with just a hint of anything-could-happen that gives it an edge. Blue-collar working class Irish American pride aplenty! Definitely one of the early pioneers of the celtic-punk scene. Hardly surprising when the rest of the nation was stacked up against them and to be Irish meant to be either a bomber or be thick or an alkie or feckless or violent or many other number of racist epitaphs. After winning crowds in Knoxville and Gatlinburg, the group began touring.

Cutthroat shamrock

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  1. When Ben left the band and then Guido left the band, we had to constantly put up notices that we hadn't quit. More from us on Neck here.

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