Dating a radio personality

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Presenters pose a question, make a comment or impart some breaking news — and the listener responds and reacts in real-time — every single hour of every single day. Was there a defining moment where you came to the conclusion that you leaned to the right? Honestly after really listening to the differences in how Democrats believe the country should be ran, versus how Republicans believed the country should be ran it all just clicked with me.

Dating a radio personality

This was at the height of the online abuse one female campaigner had been facing. And that was the first brilliant lesson in radio learned — you have to show your hand as a presenter, no matter how exposing it feels, if you want your listeners to connect with you and trust you enough to pick up the phone. Was there a defining moment where you came to the conclusion that you leaned to the right? I retired him a fair while ago. Stephanie Rahn dialed in. And each call, text, tweet and email is checked before making it on air — just to ensure the conversation will be enhanced by every contribution and not stalled or disrupted in any way. Were you worried about the reactions of others? My response was simple. This extremely bubbly girl who was unforgiving in her goofiness. Some callers just want to get on air and abuse a certain group. However, when Obama was running the first time I got sucked into the hype on MySpace and I remember getting a little Obama poster at a hipster coffee shop. I would love to meet Dana and give her the biggest hug! Alex Clark is a gem and she loves Future Female Leaders just like we do. I was taken aback how every week post 6pm, or during my short late-night stint, how much people are willing to divulge on air. I also love wearing FFL stuff to work and seeing my co-workers faces. They defend me and encourage me to be myself which is more than I could ask for from a company to work for. We do not condone this type of behaviour, and we are taking steps to address this. People share more on radio than they would tell their closest friends Once night falls, radio becomes a very special place indeed. Daylight hours still yield incredible stories — but something very different happens once day becomes night on the radio. The show may have turned out to be a bust, but Alex Clark has been on the up and up ever since. What on earth did I think I was doing? I learned so much. But he is still prone to the odd guest appearance here and there… Emma Barnett is the Women's Editor of The Telegraph. I was, dear reader, hooked. Radio is a lifeline Quite simply radio gives power to those who often feel powerless. People can write dreadful things to each other on the likes of Twitter or Facebook and there is no immediate editing. And whoah — two duly rang in.

Dating a radio personality

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