Direct openers

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You walk up to a girl and start with something like: I have got my delivery almost spot on with pauses and tone. This is Unconscious — Auto-Pilot reaction, and has to be treated like that. Her auto pilot response has to meet your Auto Pilot response on that..

Direct openers

Its an an skill you have to respect. Those girls you wont lose anyway with any game. Her unconscious will test you to be sure are you really strong confident Man. I made a cold read which she answered and teased her answer. He is basically a ninja of approach. This is Mindset and Lifestyle. If you play Direct Game, then go all the way Direct. This is Unconscious — Auto-Pilot reaction, and has to be treated like that. You have to understand, its not usual for a girl to be approached with that amount of Power and Balls. She has never been approached like that. His calm seemed to infect the women he was talking to, who would not be jumping and laughing as with Future , but rather just slowly getting drawn in. They seem to work by getting a response. You just stated that you like her, and you want to get to know her… stay on that road, and get to know her… any frame change will lead into Confusion from her side. So ive tried going a little more direct and was suprized how well they actually respond. All you guys who do Direct, you are very familiar with that shock. But even if you are looking for a Girlfriend, it can be good as well. It's just that I've found much higher success with direct, most likely due to it being more sincere and congruent with my personality. I would respond negatively to it in that environment unless it was extremely well done. But this is not Game. This balance will dictate are you taking her home in few hours, or you are converting her to your Gf. Let me know how it goes! I could see this working really well during day game, though. Direct is Mindset, Attitude you project. So your job right now is to go out and use both situational and direct, paying close attention on what is getting you results. Does he like my friend? Rule 2 Direct Game is more then the Opener Lots of guys, think Direct Game is just an opener, and there is nothing else after opener. How ever i have found it hard towards the end of the nite when it gets loud and busy.

Direct openers

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  1. This is Unconscious — Auto-Pilot reaction, and has to be treated like that. In my mind, that is Beauty of Direct.

  2. Language is full of nuances and subtleties for women. This is mainly due to the fact that most girls are in the peak of there state and just want to have fun at this point onwards.

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