Do girls like pretty boys

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With spammers there always is that possibility. I am, however, possessive. What about good-looking women, you may be wondering. They're okay but I wouldn't want one hanging around all the time. She claimed he would talk about which men he found attractive and so on.

Do girls like pretty boys

This is because average or ugly women often think the same about beautiful women. Hell I read that here on HubPages in the forum! What about good-looking women, you may be wondering. This bear-trap is the curse of handsomeness. Whatever makes you sleep better at night. I say go ahead: I always have been. They find ways to point out its flaws. Average looking or even ugly people probably outnumber pretty ones by a big margin. With pretty women it might be different. Article Posted 5 years Ago Share this article. They are, however, hard to date. Hell, my dad has even commented before that some guy he met was good looking. Click here for additional information. Some guys, like David Beckham for instance, are more liberal and can talk about it, and be more honest and open about their feelings. I don't like most people either. Think of our future mortgage! I didn't see him after that. They look at other women and even kiss each other… on the lips. And they will always hog the mirror. Some guys are said to have child bearing hips too. Not because of his looks or anything. Theory is all well and good, but real world experience; practical, hands on experience with people will likely teach you much more. Good looks will get you noticed more than ugly features will. Everybody I knew in high school wanted to be a psychologist, and yet they were the ones who struck me as being out of touch, and ignorant on the matter at hand — whatever it was.

Do girls like pretty boys

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