Does oral sex cause throat cancer

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How did the researchers interpret the results? However, the study can't prove causation and is not precise enough to link a specific number of partners with risk of carrying oral HPV — or of cancer. Where did the story come from? Prevalence was much lower for both men 1.

Does oral sex cause throat cancer

The infection does not directly cause oral cancer. This makes it difficult to know at what point they became infected and how much this could be down to other risk factors such as smoking, oral sex and number of partners. We partner with some of the companies that sell these products, which means Healthline UK and our partners may receive a portion of revenues if you make a purchase using a link s above. Nonetheless, they noted that even these high-risk people still have a low risk of developing mouth and throat cancers. The researchers wanted to see how common oral HPV infection was, and whether particular groups of people had a higher risk of being infected, which could possibly increase their risk of mouth and throat cancers. Conclusion This study uses a large amount of national data to give us an idea about which groups of people have the greatest risk of carrying potentially cancer-causing oral HPV. So what he is suggesting is that it all evens out? The virus can also cause genital warts. It can be passed on even though symptoms are not obvious. Oral sex does, however, increase the risk of HPV transmission. It only looked at whether people had oral HPV at a single point in time. However, the conclusions drawn from research to date are that HPV can be transmitted by oral sex and that it is linked to changes in the infected cells. This can lead to the detection of HPV in people who have cancers that were caused by other factors. You would need a very large cohort population to produce any meaningful data. While caution is always advised when it comes to protection against sexual health problems, it is important to know the facts. The subtypes of HPV found in the mouth are almost all sexually transmitted, so oral sex is a probable cause. Analysis by Bazian Edited by NHS Website Links to the headlines Giving 5 or more women oral sex increases risk of head and neck cancers, study finds The Evening Standard, October 20 Having oral sex with multiple partners significantly increases risk of head and neck cancer in men, study finds The Independent, October 20 Men who perform oral sex on their partners are more likely to get a rare form of mouth and throat cancer Daily Mirror, October 20 Mail Online, October 20 Links to the science. However, it is sometimes stated that the act alone can increase the risk of throat cancer. The researchers found that infection with cancer-causing oral HPV was not that common, but that some groups were at higher risk of being infected than others: Symptoms Oral sex is a commonly performed act of foreplay involving the kissing or licking of the genital area to pleasure a partner. This story is based on a US study that looked at 9, people aged 20 to 59 who provided information about their number of oral sex partners and were tested for oral human papilloma virus HPV. They found that people who had at least six oral sex partners during their lifetime were 3. Smoking and alcohol consumption further increase the risk that an HPV infection will become cancerous. The researchers recorded the presence of any strains of oral HPV that had been identified as harmful. An estimated 35 percent of cancers are infected with HPV.

Does oral sex cause throat cancer

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  1. The researchers concluded that cancer-causing oral HPV isn't that common in the general population, which means that carrying out whole-population screening would not be useful in cancer prevention.

  2. An estimated 35 percent of cancers are infected with HPV. Although cross-sectional studies can be a useful way of finding out a lot of information about a large number of people, they don't give us the chance to see how things happen over time.

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