Drounding in toilet sex swirly

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His killer has never been caught. There are also instances of people slipping on a wet bathroom floor or from a bath and concussing themselves on the fixture. He starts out by shoving his head in the toilet and flushing, asking him if he likes the way it sounds. A apathetic teacher later tells the student afterwards not to provoke them. A famous person who died on the toilet is Elvis Presley.

Drounding in toilet sex swirly

Party Torture Swirlie - At a party, a cool guy invites a nerd and ties their hands behind the bowl, then the cool guy lets partygoers into the bathroom, so everytime someone goes to the bathroom they can swirlie the nerd. At the surface, it was discovered and sunk by Allied Forces. If you're going to, remove their glasses first. Unable to breathe, he died. His German valet de chambre in waiting heard a noise, and running in, found the King dead on the floor. A famous person who died on the toilet is Elvis Presley. An episode of King of the Hill revolves around a team of bullies that continuously impede Bobby's attempts to ask Khannie out to the school dance throughout the episode. Warnings Edit Its important that you don't swirlie someone with glasses or they could get flushed down the toilet. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Take note that he's so pissed that he doesn't just push his head in, he grabs him by the ankles and jams him straight down. The FOX show Glee has two notable instances of this trope. According to Horace Walpole 's memoirs, King George "rose as usual at six, and drank his chocolate; for all his actions were invariably methodic. Chocolate Swirlie or Brown Swirlie - Someone is given a swirlie with poop in the toilet. Safety devices exist to help prevent such accidents. Usually performed on nerds by jocks or other popular groups, on newcomers as "initiations" or to shame somebody after a fight. Share The act of a bully sticking a victim's head in a toilet and flushing. The key is put in the toilet so the victim has to fish it out with their mouth. Both can be purely fantasy worlds, if done properly. Culianu was shot dead while on the toilet in the third-floor men's room of Swift Hall on the campus of the University of Chicago on 21 May , in a possibly politically-motivated assassination. It was likely shot without ever even getting wet , from below a three inch deep plexiglas tray made like a shallow aquarium , and filled with about two inches of water, or maybe even just a big stretched out sheet of Saran Wrap held from the corners by a couple of assistants with about a half an inch of bottled water caught in it. Royal swirlie is also used to mean a chocolate swirlie where the bully punches, spanks, wedgies, or otherwise hurts the victim with a sudden motion while their head is in the toilet to provoke the victim into gasping or shouting from pain and involuntarily sucking in a big mouthful of poop. Whatever you do, don't swirlie someone for longer than 20 seconds because they could drown and you could be in serious trouble. After being stabbed in the bottom it took him several days to die. And more knowledge about the world is good, I think. Bacchus is a Stan Rogers fan! If defecation is suppressed over long periods, problems can occur, such as constipation or stool impaction.

Drounding in toilet sex swirly

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