Egyptian marriage traditions

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Relatives and friends attended the party in one of the common banquet halls, which was decorated with several kinds of flowers and lights. Christian and Islamic custom now dictates that the official wedding must take place in a church or mosque. Couples could court at temples and social gatherings and adult daughters could interact with guests who visited their homes.

Egyptian marriage traditions

There is lot music by a band performing on traditional music instruments like a drum known as "tabla". A bride and groom feed each other. Still some Egyptians still arrange weddings. However, the engagement agreement between the families still includes the two main items: Once the house is ready, the date of the wedding is fixed. What follows is the "kosha". Let us all congratulate the bride and groom and wish them all the best. The Zaffa is another human parade of belly dancers and drummers surrounding the bride and groom, singing happy songs. You will find that the groom spends the time between the engagement and the wedding in preparing his home to receive the bride. They value the psychological and biological satisfaction that comes with marriage. Green wheat is sprayed over the procession as a symbol of fertility. That is why a divorce contract is also made. When the house of the new family became ready, the two families fixed the date of the wedding party. The bride then offers them food with sweets and fruits from her new home. The honking is to announce that there is a wedding taking place. Cars of both families move together in a noisy parade of continuous sounding of car horns to a wedding hall most often in a hotel. For example, the cutting of the cake and tossing of the bouquet. Like in other parts of North Africa and Middle East it is common for women to express their joy by "ululation" "zaghareet". This is not the case with rural areas of Egypt. Men and women could divorce each other and the wife held a significant position in society. In addition, the groom gave his fiancee the valuable jewelry gift agreed on before. Guests will dance and sing with the newly wed couple, and the groom will occasionally be tossed in the air by friends. The bride and groom will leave the wedding early but the guests continue the festivities. Then the bride and groom usually get a complimentary night or two at the hotel. As elsewhere in the world, the bride and groom cut the cake, which is several layers high.

Egyptian marriage traditions

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  1. They hold a wedding ceremony called "katb el katb". Let us all congratulate the bride and groom and wish them all the best.

  2. A traditional sweet drink called "sharbat" is drank. The wedding reception lasts until early morning hours.

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