Esther perel therapist

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I learn, daily, how to master the art of couple therapy. They wanted to embrace vibrancy and vitality — in the mystical sense of the word, the erotic. The vastness of the subject of sexuality fascinated me. The modern ideology of love is compelling. I owe this understanding to my parents.

Esther perel therapist

I became curious how this played out directly in the kitchens and the bedrooms of the families that I worked with. Couples therapy is probably the hardest type of therapy to be in and to practice; and I have been on both sides. In my work as a therapist, I see despair, entrenched patterns, loneliness in the presence of another, contempt, violence, lack of any physical touch; so many couples come to me way beyond their due date. Trauma was woven into the fabric of my family history and would inspire my work for years to come. My parents Sala Ferlegier and Icek Perel were survivors of the Nazi concentration camps and sole survivors of their respective families. I worked with refugees and internationals, exploring both voluntary and forced migration. I continually study neuroscience, attachment theory, neuro-linguistic programming, and psychodrama. I planned to stay for one year but never used my return ticket. I owe this understanding to my parents. I wanted to take relationship advice out of the exclusive female market and make it dual-gender. Thanks for reading my story. When my oldest son turned eight, and my youngest five, my schedule and mind space began to clear and I felt ready to take on a new big project. They came out of that experience wanting to charge at life with a vengeance and to make the most of each day. They both felt that they had been granted a unique gift: Never before has the couple been such a central unit in our social organization. I am moved that I was able to elucidate a common dilemma with which so many of us struggle with; there is a paradoxical tension between the erotic and the domestic. I had no way of evaluating the quality of my work. The article went viral, and it led to an offer to write a book, which I gladly accepted. I discovered that the most traditional aspects of a culture and the most progressive and radical changes in a society take place around sexuality. I grew up in Antwerp, the Flemish part of Belgium, studied in Jerusalem, and came to the States for graduate school. This is my story. But the bulk of my endeavors culminated in working with mixed couples. Fluent in nine languages, she helms a therapy practice in New York City and serves as an organizational consultant for Fortune companies around the world. Unlocking Erotic Intelligence to be an honest, enlightened, and provocative conversation on relationships and sexuality that was beyond the common labels of smut or sanctimony. I wanted people to question themselves, to speak the unspoken, and to be unafraid to challenge sexual and emotional correctness. The modern ideology of love is compelling.

Esther perel therapist

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