First time with another girl

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No question is off limits, and all questions will remain anonymous. The days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months, months turned into years and here we are. How weird would our friendship become if I tried to kiss them and was rejected? While it can me tempting not to reveal your novice status trust me, I know , lying or omitting information never leads to good sex in the long-run. Gentle talking and laughing.

First time with another girl

We ended up going on a date a few weeks later. Touch her clit with a feather-light touch for as long as you both can stand it. Then, I inserted some acrobatic tricks — invert to crucifix, outside leg hang, inside leg hang, upside down body wave. All of my sexual experiences and struggles coming to terms with my sexual kinks have involved cisgendered men. I started slow and sensual — sexy walk around the pole, a pirouette here and there, a few of my favorite spins, nothing too crazy…yet. During sex, the focus was mostly on me, which helped put me at ease. We were at her house in the middle of the day, and she was sitting on the couch. Above all else, stay present, respectful, and communicative. Tease her in a way that feels intuitive to you — suck on her nipples through her bra, pull at the sides of her underwear in a way that would get your own panties in a twist. Wanted her to think I was cool and experienced. I lay down and she climbed on top of me and we had this pivotal moment — for me, anyway — of kissing and running my hands all over her body. Spread the lips apart, pull back the clitoral hood, get a good look. Then, I carried her to the bed. We each got a glass of wine, danced a bit on the dance floor, and soon found ourselves upstairs. I was working for a non-profit as a clinician and I would go into the community to meet with the children we served. Maybe it just was what it was — a beautiful and meaningful experience with a cisgendered woman whom I like very much. Or some combination of both? A woman in a sexy bride-to-be lingerie costume was dancing on it. Those are not necessarily the most detailed descriptors of our selves and perhaps not what I should be chasing down to quell my confusion. Tease Her I think most women really like to be teased. Pick someone who is willing to be patient and communicate with you. For years and years, I had sex dreams and fantasized about both cis and trans women. The very next evening — no doubt spurred by all these scattered feelings — I had my first sexual experiences with women. I love this question. Do I want to tell my friends and family about this? It shows how different and personal it is for everyone.

First time with another girl

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