Fored women to have lesbain sex

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Forced sex includes a wider variety of unwanted sexual experiences, including many female same-sex experiences, that do not involve penetration, but that are non-consensual and can have a lasting impact. Nearly one quarter Lesbian and bisexual women, Forced sex, Mental health, Southern Africa Background Researchers have begun to document the prevalence and effects of forced sex among women in Southern Africa [ 1 , 2 ].

Fored women to have lesbain sex

Participants averaged close to the middle of five-point scales measuring masculinity 2. A waiver of written consent for participation in this study was obtained. A few of the individual organizations involved in participant recruitment compensated participants for their time. Staff from community-based organizations collected data after extensive training by the research team in recruitment of participants, data collection, and ethical procedures. The variety in the legal situation is however not reflected in the social acceptance of homosexuality. The sample was diverse with regards to employment status, with about a third of the women The remaining women 5. Clinicians should be made aware of the prevalence and possible consequences of forced sex among lesbian and bisexual women. Conclusions The findings indicate that forced sex among Southern African women is a serious issue that needs further exploration. Additional participants were recruited through referral. The majority of the participants reported residing in South Africa This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Received Jul 28; Accepted Feb Potential participants were furthermore recruited by text messages, cellphone, email and Facebook, making use of organizational data bases. Participants experienced forced sex by men as more serious than forced sex by women; forced sex by women was more likely to involve intimate partners compared to forced sex by men. The four countries included in this study vary in prevalence and incidence of rape and other experiences of sexual violence. Over half of the participants In terms of potential outcomes we wanted to explore traditional outcomes associated with forced sex including STIs, problems with substance use, and mental distress. Over a third of the women Participants who experienced forced sex by men were more likely to report drug problems, mental distress and lower sense of belonging. Population-based samples suggest that Botswana has a lower incidence of rape than South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia. Given evidence of high rates of sexual violence in these countries [ 2 , 3 ] and human rights reports documenting the violence that targets lesbian and bisexual women specifically [ 4 - 7 ], experiences of forced sex among lesbian and bisexual women are likely to be prevalent. Alcohol abuse, drug use, mental distress, sexual health problems and poor overall health have been found to be associated with forced sex in various studies conducted in the United States [ 9 , 12 - 14 ]. We did so for several reasons. Results Nearly one-third of participants had been forced to have sex at some time in their lives.

Fored women to have lesbain sex

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