Frankston bogan

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This can be solved by better planning - more colour, more businesses, more offices would mean more foot traffic, making the area feel more vibrant, and giving people more confidence to come into the area. It needs no whipping boy. Significantly, it has unintended consequences that reach far past the slur itself.

Frankston bogan

So stop putting us down and come see for yourself what a magnificent place Frankston is. The Frankston train station is one such place. Christine Richards is a former mayor of Frankston. It discourages investors and new employers, which undermines job and income potential for our region. The image of Frankston has also been affected by its association with state parliamentarian Geoff Shaw. Their clients tend to stand out in an otherwise drab colourless environment. It leaves an impression that somehow it's Frankston people who are to blame for the problems facing our area, rather than the real culprit: Frankston boasts award-winning beaches and expansive green spaces in which to live and play. Pat Scala Certainly a few places let Frankston down. Only three are in the Frankston municipality Frankston; Kananook and Seaford stations. Firstly, it's not true. With no car congestion or pollution, a worker can be swimming or walking in a nature reserve within 10 minutes of leaving her or his office. Media reports across Victoria over the past two years have accused Shaw of antisocial activities on a grand scale. They're coming to Frankston to secure our affordable housing and family-friendly infrastructure. Frankston's city centre takes a far greater share of drug pharmacotherapy outlets than surrounding regions to help people from south-east Melbourne withdraw from hard drugs. Recent examples include Dame Elisabeth Murdoch. Significantly, it has unintended consequences that reach far past the slur itself. Antisocial behaviour on Frankston streets is no better or worse than anywhere else. Melbourne is a fantastic city. Frankston is a microcosm of Melbourne, displaying income levels from very poor to very rich. Residents report that they feel less safe in that area as a result. Referring to Frankston as ''Frangers'', ''Boganville'' and ''Frankenstone'' is lazy, discriminatory and bigoted. Upon her death, she was widely reported to have lived in Langwarrin or on the Mornington Peninsula - never the more accurate municipality of Frankston. Indeed, Frankston's poor image is often visually illustrated by its station. Yet Frankston has been blamed for well-publicised incidents of deplorable behaviour on the Frankston line even though these events took place tens of miles from Frankston.

Frankston bogan

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  1. So stop putting us down and come see for yourself what a magnificent place Frankston is. By contrast, Frankston people who have been loved and respected across Victoria are not acknowledged as coming from Frankston.

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