Fun girly drinks

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Thug Passion via southtradeint. White rum is the alcohol, along with lime juice, mint, and club soda. Let it stay there for 6 to 10 hours best overnight. Let me introduce you to my good friend, Tom. The simple syrup in this recipe makes plenty of syrup for these drinks.

Fun girly drinks

Midori is typically combined with vodka and a variety of other ingredients to make such concoctions as melonballs , honeydew martinis and other melon-flavored drinks or shots that are brightly colored and festive. Champagne is something you drink for a celebration. So drinks of this nature, girly drinks, should not be looked upon with disdain. Tequila Sunrise via thespruce. Want an even brighter note of lemon? Refreshing and easy to make, sangria is a popular choice for a home party. Pour into hurricane style glass. French 75 fits that description nicely, with some champagne, lemon juice, gin, and sugar. The main ingredient is wine, and I personally prefer the red one. Strain syrup into a bowl or measuring cup through a mesh strainer to remove the strawberry pieces. Fuzzy Navel via reference. Then I went abroad and conquered my fears by ordering a tequila sunrise with my friends, and my life was changed forever. No more cocktail discrimination, please! Typical garnishes include cantaloupe and honeydew balls strewn on a toothpick. Let me introduce you to my good friend, Tom. Last, but not least, a Mai Tai is something every woman should try at least once in her life. From the soft pastel shade of a banana daiquiri to the vibrant pink or orange of a strawberry or mango daiquiri , these frozen concoctions are sweet and flavorful with a fabulous feminine presentation that often includes fresh fruit embellishments. This is the drink you order when you want to call it a night since it will reduce your buzz. Sex on the Beach Photo courtesy of divinecaroline. Grapefruit will kill the vodka taste, and make it easier for you to swallow. So screw gender norms, amiright? Garnish with fresh strawberries and lemon slices optional and serve immediately. Scoop the top out, and pour the vodka into the hole. But Girls Night is also gathering your best girlfriends for a night in. Drinking sangria with your bffs is a bit more festive than sipping glasses of wine. I noted that some women like to order strong drinks every now and then.

Fun girly drinks

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  1. Classic sangria is made with red wine and has a rich jewel tone, though white sangria also a good choice. Screwdriver Photo courtesy of foodwallpaper.

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