Funny questions for newlywed game

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What do you have at least one of every single day to keep the doctor away besides an apple? Let them know just what you would do to them if they dare to misbehave. What would your husband say is your favorite food? Who would survive longer in a zombie apocalypse?

Funny questions for newlywed game

How do you know your spouse is in the mood? The newlywed questions game is entertaining and easily gains the attention of everyone attending the marriage. Who of their friends is your spouse most similar to? What movie star is The Groom most like? More About the Game In the game, you score points based on which questions you guessed correctly as to how your spouse would answer them. What would your spouse request as a last meal? Which one of your habits would your wife like you to break? What is one thing that you would like to change in your relationship? Which physical feature of your partner attracts you the most? What is one thing of yours that your spouse is just dying to get rid of? If you could convert your partner into an animal, what would it be? How often you feel you should make out? If your husband had the chance to be single again temporarily , how long would he stay: Ace this question and let your spouse know just how special that very first meeting was. Who among you guys spends the maximum time on the internet? Source If you could treat your spouse to anything, what would it be? In a case of a panic situation, who is likely to burst out first, you or your wife? When you got married, who caught the bouquet? Which of these do you have the most: What was breed and name of her childhood pet? How long had you been dating when you got engaged? What size shoe does The Groom wear? This is a great warm up question. If you could change one thing about the clothes your spouse wears, what would it be? How would you rate your partner when it comes to being active? What is your favourite fast food restaurant? What is the strangest piece of clothing your wife wears?

Funny questions for newlywed game

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  1. Who has better moves on the floor between the two of you? Which was the last movie that both of you saw together?

  2. Here are 29 fun newlywed shoe game questions: What person, character, or sound does The Groom best do an impersonation of?

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