Gay male sex slave story

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As I left the room, I took several pictures of the boy just in case he made the decision to stay with his parents, although I hoped that the shame of being found by his parents looking like he was would make him choose to call me to escape the embarrassment. The two lads then quickly ran to the section of the dungeon that held the several slaves that were held captive in separate cells. The Daddy walked back over to his old and loyal slave. His stretched balls held loads and loads of cum since his cock cage prevented him from masturbating and the Daddy had forbidden him from doing so anyways. The boy was about the same age as he; he was dressed in a t-shirt, jeans and flip flops.

Gay male sex slave story

He hadn't worn clothing in ten days, only the collar and the cock ring and whatever I used to tie him up. The door sprung open an the new slave looked up at the two lads as they entered his cell. Then, I knelt down next to him and slowly undid the blindfold. It seemed to calm him down a bit, and he never mentioned anything to them about what he had been doing since they left. You can tell your parents that you made a mistake and stay here with them. I didn't want him saying anything, just listening so I put duct tape over his mouth. It was also nice because then I could be sure when they would be home. Right now he was basically hanging by his collar which was chained to the ceiling in the corner of my bathroom. I would take the cum in my hand and smear it all over his face and push some into his mouth for the butt plug to force into his throat. When the Daddy would take days off from hosing the filth from the boy, the slave would lick the dried cum, piss, spit, and dirt from his body. This story is completely fictional! I cut a new piece of duct tape and pushed it over the boy's mouth. I opened the door to his room and took him inside. He unchained the new slave from the hanging chain and ordered him to his knees. I took all his sisters panties and brought them to his room and strew them about all over the boy and his bed. Sometimes I would leave the headset on while I played with the boy, it was like a blindfold and earplugs but better. You are here to serve me and only me or you will be punished. I undid the chains on his ankles and tied each one to either end of the bed, pulling his legs wide apart and pushing his bulge out a bit more. He was also providing quite a steady income for his Daddy. I wonder what they will think, knowing that their little eighteen year old son likes to shave his cock and ass smooth and put things inside of his own asshole? I have brought you home because you have a hard choice to make, so I am going to make it a little easier on you. His hands were handcuffed behind him and he relentlessly fought the hold his new Daddy had on him. Bring the new slut in here. Don't try to tell them that I forced you to do anything, because I have you consenting on videotape to everything I've been doing to you many times over. Once the cock was totally down the teen's throat, the man began to squeeze the boy around his neck tighter, making his face turn bright red.

Gay male sex slave story

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