Given over to a reprobate mind

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The function of the mind is not only to distinguish between good and evil. He was very concerned about the danger these polluters of the truth could do to the church members. Instead of living holy and bringing forth good works, their lifestyle is manifestly different from the saint.

Given over to a reprobate mind

United Bible Societies, We are called to oppose, refute, tear down and drive out the spirit of this world wherever we encounter it, but especially among those who profess to be in the household of faith. But the word means that God takes the sinner and delivers him up to corruption, or, to change the figure, pushes him down from corruption to corruption. How can this be? Suppose that one must give testimony in a certain case. This is not a game, listen to the consequence, " But, this does not mean perfection. These things are boiling at the fountain heads of the world. God gave them over, the apostle says, to the stage that makes them lower than the beast. Not only does the mind distinguish, but also it is that faculty that counsels the will. He was totally corrupt. It tells us what we should do and what we should not do. When God gives men over to a reprobate mind, they become whisperers, backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, etc. This is the purpose of His anger. They do things that are unseemly, that is, things that do not fit, the apostle says. But generally, the word means to test and find lacking. These sins are in your heart and in mine. Away with all that is of man! It was not an intellectual error. It makes no difference whether he carves this image in wood or stone, as the heathen did, or whether he carves it in his mind, as do the modernists of today. This is expressed in verse He is forced down by a power which the apostle described as the revelation of the wrath of God. God gave them over to a reprobate mind The passages from 2 Timothy and Titus may in themselves admit the sense of undiscerning, but the passive one is more probable in view of the common usage of the word. It was a moral question.

Given over to a reprobate mind

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