Good personal questions to ask a guy

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What simple change could you make in your life that would have the biggest positive impact? What are you attracted to in a woman? Here we have a huge list of such questions. Who do you want to be more like?

Good personal questions to ask a guy

You never know what you might find out! What are you most thankful for? At first the questions might sound funny or uncomfortable, but by the time he starts answering, a lot of mysteries are going to be unraveled and you will get to know him better. Do you believe in second chances? Do you believe in soulmates? Have you ever lost someone close to you? This is just a fun question that you can save the answer to for later. What makes you different from everyone else? Getting married is a big step in a relationship. This is just one of those questions that you should be asking your potential lover. What are you most ashamed of? What are your thoughts on online dating or tinder? Describe your perfect day. Here are 10 personal conversation starters questions to ask a guy: This is very important: Have you ever told a big lie and gotten away with it? Would you give up a poker night with the boys to take care of your sick girlfriend? Which is the one thing in your past you would like to change? Does it mean something personal about you? Best day of your life? If you ever got into a disagreement with any one of my family members or best friends, how would you deal with it? Would you relocate for love? Do you think everything happens for a reason? What is that one thing in me, which you would like to change if given a chance? He has a bad temper, and has had issues with it in his past.

Good personal questions to ask a guy

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