Gumtree victoria australia

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Search online for reviews from other shoppers on the products and website, as well as tips on how to save, for example, with discount codes for students. It is a good idea to make sure you do not communicate with the seller too frequently, or at an unreasonable time of day if you are calling or texting the seller. To make a complaint to an overseas consumer body, file a report here.

Gumtree victoria australia

This is very unsafe because it might start a fire. If you paid with PayPal, lodge a dispute with them as soon as possible. Here's what I learned. You should ask them if this is the case before buying. Room for improvement The biggest hassle with Facebook Marketplace is managing the massive flow of messages that can come if you list a popular item. Resolving disputes on eBay Step 1: Tell the police to put in a law enforcement request to Gumtree so they can get information about the seller. What did I list? Most Viewed in Technology. That can make simple tasks like working out who contacted you first more complex than they need be. You can do this by signing into eBay here. When the shoes were delivered, she noticed that they were leather but were not waterproof. You can also report a business that is doing the wrong thing to the ACCC here. How to get a refund Step 1: Tips The three key things I learned from selling several items on Marketplace were: There's a simple editing tool for cropping and adjusting the snaps taken with your smartphone camera. Advertisement The listing process is very straightforward, far easier than eBay or Gumtree in my view. Have a system for managing buyers: They can do this here. Given this was about clearing space rather than making a buck other than the iPhone I've been more than happy with the outcome. The seller may also have their own refunds and returns policy with additional rights. I ended up keeping notes so I could easily track who was buying what and the final price. Use a credit card or PayPal: To make a complaint to an overseas consumer body, file a report here. You can make a police report by going to your local police station. You still have options. Bec specifically asked for a waterproof camera, but this camera broke as soon as she got into the water to go scuba diving.

Gumtree victoria australia

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  1. On the other hand, the service is free so it's tough to argue that I should expect a premium experience.

  2. If the seller is located overseas, you can make a complaint to the consumer body in the country where the seller is based, but this will not help you solve your individual issue.

  3. Keep in mind that there are tight time limits for suing someone, so you should speak to a lawyer as soon as possible!

  4. There is also likely to be practical difficulties getting a remedy from an overseas based seller.

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