Hamelin bay

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After this sad incident which you can read about here , Hamelin Bay was made a sting ray sanctuary zone. So when are the best times to see the Hamelin Bay sting rays? Some of them almost end up on the beach!

Hamelin bay

While we were there we had the joy of watching and interacting with the sting rays every day. To encourage the rays to swim to you, stand still and splash the surface of the water with your hands. A number of camp sites have been removed to accommodate these structures. Their body is wider than it is long and they have a more prominent head with eyes on either side. Sunny days when the water is calm and crystal-clear are the best conditions for spotting a sting ray at Hamelin Bay. Port and jetty[ edit ] Hamelin Bay Jetty in The jetty was established to service the timber milling operations of M. It was also hard to get a good photo without the stabling effect of the flippers, but the one below turned out kind of okay. After this sad incident which you can read about here , Hamelin Bay was made a sting ray sanctuary zone. Some of them almost end up on the beach! Due to the nature of the camping area and the local weather conditions there are frequently total fire bans in the camping area. An anchor from one of the wrecks was retrieved and is now situated in the beach car park at Hamelin Bay. In the s the local camping area utilised the shells of a large number of decommissioned Perth Trams. If you stand still and splash the surface of the water, one might swim right over your feet no doubt hoping for a feed of fish. More Hamelin Bay Posts: The sting rays are docile and curious creatures that will only become aggressive if they feel threatened. An eagle ray swimming over a much larger sting ray right in front of me! Smooth Ray The smooth rays at Hamelin Bay are the really big dark-grey to black ones that have a rounded shape. The Hamelin Bay stingrays have very little fear of humans and actually seek out interaction with us as much as we do with them. You can click here to read her thoughts on meeting the sting rays of Hamelin Bay. The eagle rays at Hamelin Bay tend to keep their distance more than the smooth rays, but they do sometimes sneak up on you so watch out! When we were staying at the Hamelin Bay Caravan Park most recently about a month during peak holiday season we found that we saw the most rays around mid-morning between about 9: The Hamelin Bay Caravan Park by the beach is a wonderful place to stay for a good old fashioned beach holiday. They are easier to spot than the eagle rays due to their size and colouring, and they are also more likely to swim right up to people. A smooth ray at Hamelin Bay Eagle Ray The eagle rays are diamond shaped with distinctly pointed wings, rather than rounded ones like the smooth rays. Only a few piles of the original jetty remain on site. Sting Rays at Hamelin Bay in Winter? The photos show the sting rays we saw, plus gorgeous views of a golden Indian Ocean sunset and a video I filmed of one of the sting rays.

Hamelin bay

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  1. I was a little bit scared when these two eagle rays swam right up to me! Three sting rays swimming past in the afternoon The rays will come into the shallows when they want to — usually when people are fishing and there is burley or fish scraps in the water to attract them.

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