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When a gay man has sex with a woman, it's understood that he's still gay. Women aren't immune to having negative reactions to bisexual and heteroflexible men -- they just aren't as harsh about it. I think it is sweet, endearing and illustrates how complicated all of this really is.


He may well feel indignant that other gay men are trying avoid the same pain that he went through, and so will force the label of "gay" on anyone claiming to be heteroflexible or bisexual. But not talking about sexuality will only keep a large portion of it in the closet, and those who are on the spectrum between being fully gay and fully straight will only continue to suffer. We are too attached to a system of sexual identity labels that are being shown to be increasingly outdated. Sex and sexuality are far more complicated than this, because so are people. I hear this complaint all the time from my bisexual male clients. But male celebrities are constantly being hunted down and like vultures, people are waiting to see them do something "gay" so they can expose them! I was telling a straight friend that as I get older, I find myself noticing women in sexual ways more than I ever have before. Whatever reactions this article brings up for you, it's high time to discuss them. These definitions can drive people crazy! No one says, "Doesn't matter if he's sucked dick. Gay or straight, we're typically warned to suppress our feelings and block access to our inner emotional world, branding that kind of self-expression as "gay" or "feminine" -- as if both terms are related, and as if anything is wrong with either one. But the truth is that these labels are limiting and only box people in, restricting what they are and can become. When a man is still in the early stages of coming out and fairly deep in the closet, he will usually identify himself as straight. We continue to fight to be counted as citizens with full rights and privileges. Homoflexible Urban dictionary describes this as a gay man who has come out and embraced his identity fully as a gay man and chooses to have sex with a woman. Or women worry the man might actually be truly gay. Many straight men have been taught to reject anything that is gay. So if you're a man who identifies himself as bisexual, most women don't want to date you! Heteroflexible Wikipedia defines heteroflexible as "a form of a sexual orientation or situational sexual behavior characterized by minimal homosexual activity, despite a primarily heterosexual sexual orientation that So, when a straight man has sex with another man, why is he automatically gay -- with no questions asked? All people have a right to identify themselves however they want without pressure from others to define them prematurely. But I also understand this same overreaction when it comes from straight men. I think it is sweet, endearing and illustrates how complicated all of this really is. But the worst reactions typically come from males both gay and straight , who may become emotionally charged and sometimes even enraged at the thought of a straight man identifying himself as sexually flexible "He's gay, they insist. He literally considers himself as straight, but perhaps "just a little kinky.


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