Holding onto the past

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You can learn more about Dr. Your natural state consists of wholeness and goodness since you were not conceived in the image of evil. You did something that hurt me.

Holding onto the past

In his book Simply Notice: It is not yours to judge. The problem with blaming others is that it can often leave you powerless. However, if you become a toxic person, others will avoid you and stop respecting you. Bad things happen to good people every day. Have you experienced a moment throughout the day, when for no apparent reason you are drawn into a bad mood? By no means does this underscore the gravity of what occurred in the past. While you may not have had the same amount of responsibility for the hurt you experienced, there may have been a small part of the hurt that you are also partially responsible for. We have faith that each experience serves a purpose in our personal evolution and once the lesson has been attained, we release and surrender it with openness to what will fill its place. The future self delights in bringing you the emotional resources you need to heal this very moment instead of bringing the past and present baggage into the future. You are responsible for your well-being and that includes being happy, and you do get to choose how you will let happiness into your life. Many people remain unconscious to these memories until they overwhelm them. Without it we continue to conceal the pain by using whatever means to keep us from facing the past. In time the real self becomes obscured by this screen since you have bought in to a false facade instead of the real story of your authenticity. Why hold on to the very thing which keeps you from hope and love? No amount of rumination of analyses have ever fixed a relationship problem. You have the power to create how you live your life. Let go of the past so that you can be free and move on from the past shackled around your ankles, weighing you down. What if you did not have to carry the scars of the past with you any longer? Others might turn to a spiritual leader within their community for healing. Each time a painful memory is recalled, it is brought to life by inviting the past into the present. In short, how do you let go of past hurts and move on? So why choose to engage in so much thought and devote so much energy to a person who you feel has wronged you? Yet awareness has the experience well before the mind has had time to create a thought to validate it. Dr Sarno describes healing back pain in hundreds of his patients who conveyed the emotions of anger and anxiety. By accepting the past rather than run away from it, you build a bridge which connects to your future self. Imagine taking a train ride from one side of the country to one another and insisting on stopping over in each city to pick up souvenirs.

Holding onto the past

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