How are you doing sex

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Make sure you've got all the facts on contraception and STIs. What to expect Still have lots of questions? Check out our info on contraception and STIs.

How are you doing sex

Afterwards After having sex for the first time, you may feel really great, excited and close to your partner, because of all the hormones rushing through your body. Too soon and you may leave your partner unsatisfied; too late and it might leave your partner feeling as if they're pumping iron at the gym. Ignoring everything but sexualised parts Genitals are great, no doubt, but you should definitely pay attention to other parts of your lover's body and focus for some time on their entire body — knees, wrists, back and stomach are highly erogenous zones for men as well as women. Make sure you've got all the facts on contraception and STIs. Do you want to be in a committed relationship with the person you have sex with? First-time sex can be awesome, or it may leave you feeling a bit disappointed. Is sex something you really want to do, or do you feel you're being pressured into it? Perhaps because the positioning doesn't allow for it or they are too eager to climax and feel that it might break the rhythm. As with most things, good sex takes practice. To avoid this, spend a lot more time on foreplay this will help men as well as women. Read up on sexual health. Luckily, there are things you can do to reduce the chances of becoming infected or pregnant. You may notice a little bit of blood the first time you have vaginal sex if the hymen tears. Things you should never do while having sex When you're in bed with your lover, the last thing you want to do is turn them off. Biting before your partner's ready While many people enjoy an aggressive partner, biting any part of their body before they are aroused may lead to pain and discomfort and might even lessen the chances of any further action or simply scare them off. Here's some more info that might help. Your partner deserves to know. Use condoms for penis-in-vagina or penis-in-anus sex or dams for oral sex on a vagina or anus to protect both of you from STIs and pregnancy. If it continues, visit your GP. If it hurts a lot, stop. If you take too long and can only ejaculate via manual stimulation, do your best to get your partner to orgasm and then they can return you the favour. Chocking them or hindering their ability to breathe will anyway kill the moment and any chances of some good action. Read up on five things you need to know about sexual consent here. Try suggesting a different position, asking your partner to slow down, or using extra lubrication. Gently caressing these areas will help excite your partner further; in turn, increasing the chances of them pleasuring you back. It's okay to lose yourself in the moment every once in a while and go crazy on your lover.

How are you doing sex

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  1. Sex is a very personal thing, and can feel really intimate, so experiencing intense feelings afterwards is understandable.

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