How can i enjoy sex more with my husband

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But that can lead to sudden death if such individual has some underlying conditions that are not detected. Wife, the aroma of a hygienic, sparkling, fresh, dirt-free, vagina fluid is one of the erotic sexual attractions for many husbands. Remember, nothing impresses a woman like the ability to be fingered by her husband. So, aggressively take over. Wow, I cannot wait to hear from you.

How can i enjoy sex more with my husband

Last week, we started this extraordinary edition and today we are concluding it. As I noted earlier, just sip a cup of hot mint drink now and then alternatively while the tongue caressing is ongoing. So, keep your vagina inviting, captivating, appealing, tempting and enticing always. However, I have a word for all our wives out there. You both have more opportunities to try new things; make small adjustments and build towards a state of heightened arousal that rocks both of you from head to toe. Middle-aged men with heart problems are much more likely to die during sexual intercourse. Male foeteses have erections as early as 16 weeks during pregnancy. This gives her a lot of freedom to move, respond, and feel pampered at the same time, while you are having a fantastic viewpoint and full access to her. Please be sure to use more pressure in typically delicate places to keep the touch, kiss or lick sensual, passionate, tormenting and erotic. By couples taking their time, they have a chance to pay attention to how they respond to different touches, kisses, positions, thrusts and pleasures. To create an unbearable height of pleasure, couples can pleasure each other at the same time. Well, I am certain the guides mentioned above are not only a bonus to the newlyweds but also an eye opener to old couples. So, aggressively take over. Even if you have had sex with your spouse hundreds of times, you can still feel the incredible thrill of slowly progressing to a climax. You can prevent this from happening by taking minutes to be still, looking your spouse in the eye, kissing their eyes carefully, stroking their hair, complimenting them, and reaffirming your love for each other. Smell of some sex trigger foods can increase blood flow to the penis by 32 per cent, according to Chicago Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation. A year-old woman died after several rounds of sex with a male companion in a hotel and reports had it that the pair were regular guests of the hotel where the incident happened few weeks ago. Due to this demand, I would love to teach you the best ways for couples to enjoy sex in This approach most times drive husbands wild in bed and from researches, it has never failed because many husbands come back begging for more. You can just carry your woman and take her to bed. One thing that is crystal clear is that there will be an intense connection. Funmi Akingbade Funmi Akingbade Thirteen: Reflexogenic — erections triggered through touching or physical contact. There are benefits of having frequent sex and one of them is prevention of erectile dysfunction in men aged 55 to 75 years old. Wives, please, during foreplay, give the man everything unreservedly. However, as it is my custom, I researched and from that, I learnt that the best sexual encounters tend to begin with slow and steady movements. However, it takes constant practice and patience to arrive here.

How can i enjoy sex more with my husband

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  1. However, for majority of husbands, great sex is in the hand of their wives. However, it takes constant practice and patience to arrive here.

  2. This approach most times drive husbands wild in bed and from researches, it has never failed because many husbands come back begging for more. Then drape your legs over his shoulders so he can grab your ankles and position them where he wants them.

  3. Confidence is not only built, you graduate from an amateur to an expert. Slow soft kisses are the rule of the game.

  4. Now, she has withheld sex from me, saying she dislikes the way I ask for sex. This gives him room to manoeuvre his body and alternate between deep thrusting and short pumping.

  5. Hi Funmi, a distant relative of mine who was just in her late 20s was said to have died of high blood pressure during sex.

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