How much horsepower does a srt4 have

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Production increased quite a bit from original estimates. We just kept going until there was nothing left on the list. Unique gauge designs in the SRT-4 which were exclusive to the SRT lineup featured special silver faces with satin silver ring accents, and the SRT-4 logo on the facing. The new seat cloth was textured for better grip; the side bolsters of the front seats were trimmed in vinyl and curve to stabilize occupants.

How much horsepower does a srt4 have

Bought it new, was smoking Mustang GT's with 4 less cylinders right off the bat. Its roomy cab, fold-down rear seats, and huge trunk make it comfortable to drive. Apex Technology found hp at the wheels. The executive committee once again considered the vehicle in the spring of , and this time gave the go ahead for the project. S pecial side sills and door cladding give SRT-4 the low appearance of a car made for racing, and the new rear fascia and deck spoiler were also unique, the latter increasing downforce on the track. While only 3, per year were originally projected for construction, production in reportedly reached 13, per year; exact figures were not released. This car is comfortable and does good as a daily drive, but it will leave something to be desired i They created a concept car , the Neon SRT, in just 4 months, with a 2. The seats were supportive, with clear sides which made it a little hard to get out, and may cause larger people some consternation, but helped to keep people in the targeted size range stable around turns. The Neon SRT-4 is the subcompact street racer, a 4-door sedan that doubles as a mini muscle car. Its ABS, traction control, race-car supportive front seats, and optional side airbags make it safe to drive. The spoke pattern was for better airflow to the brakes. They can be replaced with Neon seats if one needs to do that. Acceleration figures pure stock Car and Driver: The team put together a list of reasons why the car was not approved, and worked through the list item by item to find solutions to every issue presented. Gale was the design chief of the original Dodge Viper concept vehicle, and recognized an opportunity to build a sport compact that would appeal to the younger auto generation who grew up on tuner cars , who may prefer a new car with the same performance appeal right off the showroom floor. The shifter used a satin silver cue-ball shift knob and a boot made of the same leather as the steering wheel cover. This section needs additional citations for verification. These may or may not have been the last Neon-based SRT-4s to be made; , belonging to Barry, was built in July The SRT-4 wheels, shown on the original Neon SRT concept car, were designed to look like aftermarket wheels, with tape-on weights and fuller width rim sections. A limited Commemorative Edition SRT-4 was released for cool factor only, its main characteristic being its design -- blue Viper stripes on a white body. Unique side skirts, rear fascia, and a large rear wing spoiler were used to upgrade the exterior look of the vehicle. The stiff sport-tuned suspension and steering make the Neon SRT-4 easy to drive. An ACR package ramped up the street racer by adding wider wheels, a bigger rear sway bar, adjustable shocks, a lower ride height, and requisite ACR logos. He had a mechanical engineering degree. In , base Neon side air-bag seats were added as an option.

How much horsepower does a srt4 have

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  1. Lots of fun to drive. The cooling ducts front nostrils were added to the pre-production car in late on the front fascia to help reduce temperatures in the engine bay of the vehicle.

  2. The car also had optional side airbags. Despite the legend, they did not come with the Mopar Stage 1 kit installed.

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