How much melanin is in the average black person

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Indeed there are a lot of differences between Afrikans, the original people, and other people of this world, mainly the whites Euro-beasts. The word melanin derives from the Greek word melanos, meaning BLACK We Afrikans, with our distinct racial features -blackness, curly hair, broad nose, thick lips, etc. I am not an expert on the subject, I only started learning about melanin less than 15 months ago, but I hope to share what I have learned so far with all members of the Afrikan family.

How much melanin is in the average black person

This eye produces on a daily basis an hormone known as melatonin. It is warfare raging through every form of human expression from art to politics and religion. This light and sound energy permits the Afrikan to have a higher level of perception and gives him the ability to communicate with the spiritual world. Richard King, who has dedicated his life in studying all the differences between blacks and whites, above all melanin, states that: The physical qualities of melanin described above only represent a fraction of its capabilities. Indeed there are a lot of differences between Afrikans, the original people, and other people of this world, mainly the whites Euro-beasts. What is true has to be said, and only truth sets an individual free. As Afrikan people are still in bondage, mentally above all, I hope that this essay will enlighten our people, empower and give them the initiative to search for more truth and take the path towards the total and unconditional liberation of all Afrikan people and land world-wide. Melanin is also present in the genital organisms of the black man and woman. This knowledge has been lost through the cultural and military invasion that we have suffered from our Eurasians enemies, and their destruction of Afrikan institutions of knowledge in their year relentless warfare against anything Afrikan. It as been to us the oldest and natural object o worship. When it is cold a lot of us feel depressed without knowing why. This legacy has gotten into the genes of Afrikans and has kept us in obscurity. Black skin is more prone to age spots, to dark patches on the skin and to harmless brown growths known as seborrheic keratosis. Afrikans have, always viewed the sun as a life giver and a manifestation of god. When JAH created the earth only one race was present, and that is the Afrikan race. Melanin sharpens our psychological awareness, while giving us a deeper overstanding of life, 2- Maintain a humorous disposition. Melanin has a link with religion and spirituality, as our ancestors discovered. But Smith kept going back, looking for answers. I chose to write about melanin because I feel that the majority of our people are dormant and do not see the truth and reality that is being hidden to them by the Caucasians. And if these new values and dogma do not find a way to live in harmony with the natural qualities and culture of the child, they get trapped in the genes without full manifestation. Those are the people that end up really not having a good overall prognosis, because they're just going to take at word what they're told by the medical experts. It is hereditary and its power never vanish. In Afrikan cosmology, the fundamental purpose of life is to preserve the intrisinct order and sustain the synchronistic harmony of the universal cosmos. Cold western environment gives Afrikan people depression. The composition of drugs such as heroin and crack, which are all man made drugs of course, and of the Herpes and AIDS viruses, has an element very related to melanin; so once they meet they bound, forming a very strong unbreakable alliance. It is true; of course it does give us skin pigmentation, but it is not its only or main activity.

How much melanin is in the average black person

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