How much sex should you have

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Hollywood's steamiest sex scenes 'Wild Things' — Matt Dillon and Denise Richards helped steam things up in the erotic thriller "Wild Things," which included a menage a trois scene with Neve Campbell. Hollywood's steamiest sex scenes 'Secretary' — "Secretary," starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader, explores the relationship between a submissive secretary and her boss. Hide Caption 2 of 28 Photos:

How much sex should you have

Hug each other each day, exercise to increase your testosterone levels, and turn off the distractions, like the computer and TV. We've all suffered bed death at some point Image: Tell them something nice, give them a kiss, hold their hand or surprise them with a small gift, anything to make them feel loved. Hide Caption 6 of 28 Photos: The key is how well a couple negotiates the times when one initiates and the other refuses. Hide Caption 18 of 28 Photos: Written by Heather Montgomery on June 11, related stories. Like us on Facebook. We all seem obsessed with knowing if we're doing it enough - a kind of sexual keeping up with the Jones's - but is there really a 'normal' amount you should be having sex and should you be worried about how much you are or aren't doing it? Hollywood's steamiest sex scenes 'Last Tango in Paris' — Graphic sex scenes between Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider in "Last Tango in Paris" shocked the world at the time and initially earned the film an X rating as well as two Academy Award nominations. Hide Caption 24 of 28 Photos: Although it might be frustrating to lie in bed with a book listening to your neighbours try and dismantle your party wall with their bedhead, just remember they will probably have a dry spell soon as well. Almost half of those surveyed thought they should be having more sex, each week, with tiredness and children the main culprits stopping people. Hide Caption 14 of 28 Photos: Hollywood's steamiest sex scenes 'The Reader' — Kate Winslet and David Kross played out the heat between a younger man and an older woman in "The Reader. Hide Caption 17 of 28 Photos: Focus on the things you do like them doing and gently encourage them away from things that aren't working for you. That is less than women, but still more than half of those surveyed, so we must be doing something right. Hide Caption 16 of 28 Photos: Hollywood's steamiest sex scenes 'The Brown Bunny' — The controversy surrounding a fellatio scene in "The Brown Bunny," starring Vincent Gallo and Chloe Sevigny, reportedly caused the actress some trouble. Teenager, 19, who married year-old grandmother reveals when they first had sex So perhaps we should all just learn to be content with what we can get so to speak. Hide Caption 3 of 28 Photos: But try to remember the person you fell for in the first place. While sex may be the way couples typically express their love and desire for each other, a lack of sex doesn't necessarily mean that you are headed for a break-up, though it is something that you should get a handle on. Hollywood's steamiest sex scenes 'Brokeback Mountain' — Heath Ledger, left, and Jake Gyllenhaal share a cowboy love that dare not speak its name in "Brokeback Mountain. The Thinking Man's Guide to Pleasuring a Woman, points out in the Huffington Post that sex is not always spontaneous, and sometimes you have to kick start your life in the bedroom before you're in the mood.

How much sex should you have

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  1. Video Loading Click to play Tap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now If you have been having sex twice a week for a few years but then that dwindles to once a month, that is the time to have a conversation about your sex life, as every couple is unique and only you know what suits you as a pair.

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