How to become open minded

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Also, being open-minded doesn't mean that you'll blindly accept whatever information you receive but rather filter it, not with the filters of personal bias, but with the filter of reason. Although I realized that embracing this philosophy would mean I would be contradicting what I previously asserted for myself, it was a small shift in my mindset that would gradually set up a path for my personal enlightenment. After swinging from one extreme to another, I realized I felt more comfortable picking and choosing my philosophies as opportunities and experiences unraveled themselves over time.

How to become open minded

As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist. When I got there, I was greeted by the expected tanned-skin and white smiles of mostly something-year olds in yoga pants. In fact, they see it as a great opportunity for learning. The pressure to get myself back on that productive momentum was straining me, and made me reconsider my previous judgment about the power of letting go. Learning was not at the top of my list; I was there to unwind from a tough semester and recharge for the semester ahead of me. Therefore, rejecting any new idea that doesn't match its pre-existing ideas enables the mind to avoid thinking and analyzing, a process requiring a considerable expenditure of mental energy. You see, even though I am really into yoga, slowing down, and the like, I am also a very political person. However, here are four things successful people do differently when trying to embrace new ideas and perspectives: Open-minded people don't get offended by constructive criticism. While this might mean holding on to many of the same beliefs, it also means you have the license to replace negative or limiting beliefs with positive ones that lead to better results. They shared more than yoga tips; there seemed to be an underlying philosophy they shared that, honestly, made me very uncomfortable at the time. Make it known that you value genuine opinions and insights, but also try to model the ability to tell the truth with tact so that others around you pick up this same valuable skill. Sit quietly in a comfortable position and focus on your natural breathing. The human mind does not like confusion or ambiguity. I was set on recharging and finding comfort in like-minded people who valued slowing down and mindfulness. The point is that we all perceive reality according to our own beliefs and being open-minded is all about being aware of this fact and not falling into this default-way-of-thinking trap. This new perspective has influenced my own work in the field of political psychology; it has shaped way I approach politics; I now analyze it from a bottom-to-top perspective versus a top-to-bottom paradigm. The problem is being rigidly attached to them in a way that blinds us to other possibilities. I thought I would feel better surrounded by people who thought like me, and were interested in outrospection versus constant introspection. But if you think it's time to reconsider them, you might want to consider changing things a bit. I shifted my mindset to discard my dreams of finding a one-size-fits all philosophy, and settled for middle ground. Practice Mindful Meditation Finally, incorporate mindful meditation into your daily ritual, says Deborah Norris, neuroscientist and author of In the Flow: To do those things, you have to purposefully take other actions. Chances are, if you are traveling or even planning on broadening your perspective at home, others can learn from yours as well. Here is some insight and advice I have gathered to bring some perspective: An open-minded person, therefore, is also humble.

How to become open minded

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  1. The emphasis placed on receptiveness, passivity, and ease seemed antithetical to what I stood for at the time. Also, try to figure out whether or not you're continually reinforcing them and ignoring everything that goes against them.

  2. Allow thoughts to come and go without judgment. This is adaptive during stressful times, as it allows us to focus specifically on the task at hand, such as fighting or fleeing for our life.

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