How to connect during sex

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Discover more from our sex and relationship expert Dr Gabrielle Morrissey here. Not everyone will find it easy to develop sexual intimacy and connect with their spouse during sex. What is sexual intimacy? How to connect emotionally during sex What is sexual intimacy?

How to connect during sex

Build trust and show your partner respect to help create emotional intimacy. Start your seductive time together by engaging in activities such as erotic massages, body kisses and drawing on each other's skin you can use honey or chocolate sauce. It needs to be nurtured and doing this requires becoming mentally connected. Foreplay and buildup One way to connect during sex is to create a buildup. First, you can try talking naughty to one another. Some great ideas for setting the mood include giving one another massages, put on some of your favorite sensual music, lighting candles, and clearing your schedules. One study done by Kellerman, Lewis, and Laird revealed that couples who maintained eye-contact with one another reported heightened feelings of love, passion, and general affection toward their partners. What Is Sexual Intimacy? Sex is an act shared between you and your spouse that feels great and brings you closer. Being intimate means more than just getting physical with your partner. Tell your spouse what you like about what you are doing, tell them you love them, and say how close you feel to them. Rely on these new skills as you make love and if it doesn't work the first time, don't focus on feeling any sense of failure. Intimacy is a close emotional bond between you and a partner. Set up a time where you will be alone with your mate without interruption, maintain eye-contact during sex, and communicate openly about your physical and emotional needs. Building up to the moment will make it feel more special when it finally happens. Doing this regularly will lead to a more satisfying sex life in your marriage. This a great way to let your inhibitions go and connect with your words and fantasies. I have always had trouble reaching orgasm but I just accepted that I don't have a high sex drive. Having sexual intimacy means that you and your partner share a special bond characterized by a shared sensual expression. What is sexual intimacy? But if you want to connect deeply with your partner, choose a time where neither one of you will be interrupted, such as in the evenings or on weekends. Take some time together that is sensual rather than sexual. Intimacy is an umbrella term for people who feel close to one another on a personal level. Rather, think of your sex together as a journey of pleasure that you have only just begun. There are two excellent avenues for talking during sex that you can explore with your partner. This action can make you feel vulnerable with your partner, which then fosters feelings of love trust.

How to connect during sex

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