How to deal with awkwardness

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And people aren't going to compare you to the person who was doing your job before you entered the company. It serves a social function by bonding you with your colleagues and that's actually pretty important if you think about it. And the best way to learn is to fail forward. It's not going to work. I know it was for me.

How to deal with awkwardness

Therefore, whenever one of your colleague asks you a seemingly weird question out of the blue, don't get caught up in the meaning of it. Let's look at an example: Don't Try to Whisper Probably the most awkward thing you can do in a social situation like that is to start speaking in a low voice or try to whisper. Keep in mind that being the only quiet one in the group can actually draw a lot of unwanted attention to you. For the love of god, do not try to help everyone. So oftentimes the topic is going to be shallow and uninteresting. Practice it if you have to. In fact, Tashiro writes of how a spotlight attention can help awkward people to develop expertise and think outside the box. And, while our modern-day preoccupation with social media can be a boon to the nerdy kid, he suggests encouraging awkward kids to use social media more for setting up face-to-face time with friends than to escape social encounters. Get into the habit of speaking up when talking to colleagues. So for the most part, try to blend in with other people. It felt utterly awkward having to engage in a conversation with no substance whatsoever. But it's not a big deal, really. Even if you don't take part in the socializing aspect of meetings, casually making eye contact and just putting on a friendly face can go a very long way in preventing awkwardness. If social situations make you anxious, then corporate meetings can be a dreadfully awkward experience. Unfortunately it can quickly pigeonhole you into this role of a social outcast who thinks they're better than everyone else. So, while his book is particularly instructive for awkward people negotiating their social world, it also calls upon the rest of us to have greater appreciation and empathy. There's always going to be people at work who you can't get along with and so you end up avoiding them. Some people might get worried about you and even put you on the spot by asking you why you're so quite. Don't avoid eye contact, either. I used to do it all the time. It happens to everyone. People thought that I was going to give a presentation or something and I was busy preparing myself. Don't Ignore Them One thing you definitely don't want to do is ignore them. Just remember, it's about bonding and not about the content of the conversation and you're golden!

How to deal with awkwardness

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  1. It is conversation for its own sake. And let's be honest, that's not a very flattering impression.

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