How to help a widowed friend

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It is absolutely essential to do one of the following two things if you know your partner is very ill. This is a tall order. Holidays may be especially hard. Widows and widowers, I discovered, do heal differently - and now a report backs this up. We may not understand it, but he does.

How to help a widowed friend

Nick was gone, and there was no need to buy fish any more. Hug her if you have that kind of relationship , cry together, write her a letter. We discussed his funeral - there was little else on our minds. So what can you, as a friend or relative, realistically do? Take your cues from her, but not necessarily from what she says. Grief is chaotic and unpredictable. Make holidays fun again I used to love holidays. When someone says, "Is there anything I can do? This is a tall order. On the second week of each month, there is a group phone call called The Living Room. I remember sitting in the restaurant of a lovely hotel in Dorset while Nick tried to convince me he was enjoying his dinner when he could barely eat. Draw up a rota among neighbours for mowing the lawn. No one, on any side of this, knows how to do it right. That means you are a good friend to her. Maybe there was a cafe where you used to have brunch together a couple of times a year. She is grateful, though she may not be able to express it clearly yet. Don't think you'll upset them - they are already more upset than you could imagine. You still have time with your own family but your friend will feel loved. Her old self ended with the death of the partner she loved. I'm amazed at how much I still miss Nick and mourn his loss for me and the children, yet I know that we have come through the worst. Yet some counselors still hand out sheets listing what to expect at various points; in my view, they are wrong. Turn up at 4. Do encourage grandchildren to go to the funeral or cremation. And the second choice is, if you choose to maintain the friendship, in what way will you walk with your friend? You get more used to your new life, but the distance grows between you and the person you've lost. Both widows and widowers are more vulnerable.

How to help a widowed friend

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  1. Maybe there was a certain brownie from a particular bakery you would always bring her when she needed cheering up.

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