How to make your orgasim last longer

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Here's how you can make those waves last longer Image: Try hitting the G-spot at the same time to make the orgasm last longer. The way to find out if that's something you're capable of or enjoy is just to experiment. The technique involves nearing orgasm, but pulling back at the last moment.

How to make your orgasim last longer

Levels of oestrogen and testosterone lower during the menopause, meaning many women notice a decreased libido. That's right, a second orgasm is achievable For many women, having an orgasm during sex is a cause for celebration, but having one which lasts for over a minute is like winning a gold medal. This is not uncommon — in fact, almost one in 20 women have never had one. So maybe take note and schedule in some downtime then. You can strengthen them to increase blood flow to the area which will help you achieve a deeper pleasure sensation. This causes spikes of dopamine in the brain, which creates craving for your partner. My orgasms are weaker since the menopause, what can I do? Get them to do this a few times and when you finally do climax the anticipation will make it that much more intense. You can also explore some of this yourself through masturbation. Or, try subscribing to OMGYes. On one day with one given orgasm, more sexual activity on one area may not feel good at all and just feel ticklish or even a little painful. Getty Although your libido may wane over the years, the quality of your orgasms may get better. That might mean continuing oral sex while you're having that one orgasm and then beyond. Not everyone is multiply orgasmic and not everyone who is always wants to have more than one orgasm, either: Sometimes, more of a given sexual activity or any kind of sexual activity -- even when we switch to something else -- right when we've reached orgasm can feel like too much: Which of those things does the trick on any given day or for any given person is just a matter of communicating to your partner what you want to try and experimenting to find out what you uniquely enjoy and what works for you. The over 50s aren't missing out Image: On top of this, women are capable of having multiple climaxes in a single romp — some even report having orgasms into the double figures. Orgasms for people with vaginas often tend to last a bit longer than orgasms for people with penises -- but for people of all genders, we're still talking within an average of a few seconds to around 30 seconds most of the time. I find it most pleasurable during oral sex when he uses his tongue on my clitoris. However, depending on the vibe, yours and their mood and the moves, there are ways you can prolong that prized climax. Distracting - Create sudden sensations away from your clitoris just before orgasm - try tapping or squeezing your inner thigh. Here's some extra information for you: Well, first you have to know how you have one. On another, it may be just the thing and feel fantastic.

How to make your orgasim last longer

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