How to overcome betrayal in your marriage

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Build a supportive community -- Our community has the capacity to lift us up or keep us defeated. Forgiveness is not about letting someone off the hook. Yet, if we do not do this kind of soul searching and inner work our outer world may be superficial at best. Reflect on the people who have kept your confidences, honored their word, and stuck by your side.

How to overcome betrayal in your marriage

Learn from the Affair So often we blame our partner for what goes wrong and fail to see the link between our personal, lifelong conflicts and the conflicts in our relationship — between the damage we carry within ourselves and the damage we experience as a couple. Fill your mind with healing words and wisdom. Two of your options will take you down a dead end. Instead, free yourself from the blame game, live in the present, and move forward with productive, positive thoughts. Instead of focusing on your ex and the betrayal not to mention past relationship disappointments that may be adding up to a mistrust in yourself right about now , think about all the amazing people in your life who you can trust, including yourself. Yes, over time our pain may decrease even if we don't do the work, but that is mostly because other more pressing matters take precedence as we grow older and we tend to forget part s of our story. You may become more compulsive at work and other things you do, pushing harder and more frenetically to diffuse your anxiety. We may call it romantic love but in actuality it is an intense but unwarranted attachment that the unfaithful partner may feel towards their new lover. Allow their wisdom to guide you and feel the support of your community wrapped around you. Forgiveness is not condoning. The best teacher is someone who has been there. Once the betrayal is revealed an emotional roller coaster ride begins. The first option is to stay together and never address why the betrayal happened or work to assure that it will never happen again. We can forgive someone, but it does not mean we have to reconcile. There is no birth of consciousness without pain. This is why forgiveness is so important. Healing changes your energy level -- We all function at a certain degree on an energetic scale. Oftentimes, they have no more control over their actions than we, their victims, do. Which ever route you take, you need to chose it deliberately and not act on your feelings alone. It is about your own inner healing. Trust has been torn apart and the unthinkable has just happened. Am I going to grow and evolve from this? Shattered assumptions leave us feeling as though our reality has been blow apart. I am willing to heal from this. This is where a counselor can really help.

How to overcome betrayal in your marriage

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  1. The first option is to stay together and never address why the betrayal happened or work to assure that it will never happen again.

  2. It means understanding and having compassion for the darkness of your perpetrator and knowing it had nothing to do with you.

  3. It shuts the door on our capacity to understand, empathize, and love, while allowing distrust and enmity to guard against being touched from the outside world.

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