How to select the sex of your baby

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Steinberg's clinic is a slick operation. This is an area of our lives that we can't influence unless we pay for it. As our society becomes ever more commodified, and our sense of self-entitlement grows, so in every field of life we are making that little gear change from hope into expectation. Another is a cosmetic surgery clinic offering skin tightening and laser liposuction. Nicola lifts up her shirt to reveal a perfectly flat, bronzed tummy.

How to select the sex of your baby

This could mean that the type of food and nutrients available to those people played a part, or that calorie intake has an effect - but a low-calorie diet has a very different effect to malnutrition. The room is clean and modern, the furnishings are that chicken soup colour favoured by architects — and expensive private clinics. Prolonged foreplay has the same effect of increasing vaginal secretions, which could be just as effective at reducing its acidity — but no one has suggested female foreplay as a method for conceiving boys. Fertility Treatment Options If you don't have fertility issues to begin with, you wouldn't be eligible for IVF simply for the purposes of gender selection. And then out came Ted! But, sooner or later, the law in the UK may change. Gustofson isn't ethically opposed to another technique, sperm sorting officially called MicroSort , whereby based on a sperm's weight, it is sorted to increase the chances that a subsequent artificial insemination will result in an embryo of a particular gender. Historical events have shown that famine can result in more boys being born but also that women weighing less than Then Nicola got pregnant again. The HFEA is not standing on very firm ground — it does not claim an overriding moral objection, but bases its decision on the fact that most people don't really like the idea of sex selection. Very weirdly, most of our friends have got two boys, and the ones who did go on to have a third child had a girl. Steinberg's clinic is a slick operation. Women express feelings they might not share with their partners, families or, in some cases, with their better selves. Using a screened embryo increases those chances to about 60 to 70 percent. Whether current science is really able to isolate eye or hair colour — and other fertility experts express doubt — doctor Steinberg's assumption that the public eventually will adopt new technologies, however outlandish they may first appear, rings true. One is academic, the other sporty. It's said that couples using this method tend to have boys more than girls. But I didn't do the pink nursery thing. And Michael had a vasectomy. Fifteen years ago, when I was pregnant with my first son, every mother had a scan at weeks of gestation — it was a standard part of obstetric practice, as it still is today there is also now an earlier scan at eight to 14 weeks. Nicola gestures to the two little heads. In , the law was tightened further. So one fear was that, with sex selection, the population of Britain would become unbalanced. The institute also holds annual baby reunions, and families come back year after year with their kids. The girls are usually attached to my side, drawing, doing make-up, nail varnish, watching princess movies and just chatting constantly. Hosting weddings is just one of Nicola's businesses.

How to select the sex of your baby

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  1. Steinberg's clinic is a slick operation. A desire becomes a need, and then that need becomes pathologised.

  2. In the car, I tell him I've been writing about people choosing the sex of their children. He had a girl.

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